Independent Councillor to Contest Dublin Central

Independent councillor Cieran Perry announced he is to contest the Dublin Central constituency in the forthcoming General Election. A community activist who was elected to Dublin City Council in 2009 with over 2,500 first preference votes, Councillor Perry has a reputation for hard work and genuine representation.

Speaking at the launch of his campaign last night Councillor Perry said, "During this election people will have an opportunity to punish Fianna Fail for their catastrophic mismanagement of the economy. Now is the time for payback for bailing out their big builder and banker friends".

Highlight the fact that Fianna Fail have targetted the most vulnerable in our society to pay for the crimes of the bankers, Councillor Perry pointed out that those facing social welfare cuts, the blind, carers and those on minimum wage did not cause the economic crisis in this country. Councillor Perry continued, "A Fine Gael and Labour government will make no difference. Both are wedded to implementing the disastrous IMF/EU program of cuts. Renegotiating the IMF/EU loan rates isn't the answer; we should be rejecting the whole package until we get a better deal."

Speaking to a packed audience Councillor Perry said, "We need a genuine opposition in the next Dail and I can believe that I can be part of that effective opposition if elected as an Independent TD."

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