Election Result

The results of our General Election campaign in Dublin Central were very disappointing. Receiving less than 1400 First Preference votes must be considered a poor result given that we received over 2,500 First Preference votes in the 2009 Local Elections.

Over 80 people were involved in our campaign and the campaign cost about €7,000 to conduct. We produced and delivered 50,000 leaflets, we canvassed 12,000 houses with a further leaflet, we had a full constituency mail shot and we erected over 500 posters. All of this intense work was sadly not reflected in the final result. However, once again our campaign base was excellent and I believe we ran a relatively good campaign.

Without having had the chance to examine the tally figures it would appear that the primary reason for our poor showing was the surge to the Labour Party by voters who did not wish to see a Fine Gael single party government. The Labour Party saw a rise in support of over 10% since the 2009 By Election while Fine Gael and Sinn Fein remained fairly static.

I would especially like to thank the local activists who provided the base for this campaign and who have provided the support for all our activities since we first contested the 2004 Local Elections.

I would also like to thank the members of the People's Movement, members of the Irish Socialist Network, members of the Seamus Costello Commemoration Committee from Wicklow, the anti drug activists from Tallaght and the other unaligned individuals who campaigned for me during the election.

The election of a coalition Government comprising Fine Gael and the Labour Party, which appears to be determined to continue the disastrous economic policies of the Fianna Fail/Green Party Government, will provide us with many future battles. An area such as Dublin Central will feel the brunt of the cutbacks planned by the new Government. This Government will not tackle those who are responsible for the economic crisis - the bankers, the big developers and the corrupt politicians.

As a councillor, working as part of a strong group of activists, I will continue to campaign on the issues affecting ordinary people as vigorously as I have always done.