Community action prevents swimming pool closure

The Save Our Swimming Pool campaign has been hugely successful. Last December City Council officials intended to close three pools in disadvantaged working class areas, - Sean MacDermott Street, Coolock and Crumlin.  The strong reaction from the community, and the very well run protests and lobbying prevented this.  Not only has Dublin City Council been forced to continue operating the three pools but the Department of Sports and Tourism has now committed €600,000 for renovations.

As a Councillor I have consistently supported the community campaign. A motion I put forward in April changed City Council policy - obliging the officials to keep these essential facilities open and to actively seek further funding.  While I was glad to play my part, I have to stress that it is the community itself - the user groups and residents - who deserve all the credit, and whose determination ensured this victory. 

I was part of a City Council committee set up to address issues surrounding the pools and I have put forward positive proposals for the Sean Mc Dermott St. Pool on behalf of the local community. As a priority, I have insisted that members of the local community are brought into any discussions on the future of the pools. Having already shown their commitment to saving and promoting the facility, I believe community contribution is essential in any planning for the future of the pools, and I will fight to ensure that this is recognised.