Motion to April City Council Meeting

For the City Council Sports Policy to commit to include single stand alone swimming pools as an important part of its strategic policy towards the development of sport and leisure in the city.

For this strategic policy to acknowledge the important role that the council's owned and managed stand alone swimming pools play in the teaching, education and coaching of swimming and life saving in particular for young people.

For the City Council's Sports Policy to further commit as part of its strategic policy to work with the user groups of the existing stand alone swimming pools in improving the efficiency of the management of these pools.

This commitment to stand alone pools will remain as strategic policy until such time as all existing council owned and managed stand alone swimming pools are replaced by integrated regional sports and leisure centres.

With this renewed strategic policy for the continuance of stand alone swimming pools, the Culture, Recreation and Amenity department will actively seek financial and grant aid from all funding agencies for assistance in the running and maintenence of the current pools.