Taking on the Men in Black

Last week the Cabra Community Council presented their submission to the An Bord Pleanála (ABP) hearing into the City Council’s plan to build a motorway bridge into Cabra at Reillys Bridge. With 13,000 vehicles per day passing through at present, the City Council said they expect about 4,000 more trucks and cars to travel through Cabra once the bridge is opened. Over 17,000 cars, HGV’s and trucks travelling through our residential roads every day is unacceptable.

Speaking to an array of City Council and Railway officials in their drab black suits, Cabra Community Council outlined their extensive proposal, titled ‘The Safer Option’ which would allow cars to pass but would stop the HGV’s, trucks and lorries from driving through our residential community. The Cabra Community Council’s submission highlighted the fact that 8 schools, 4 care schools, 3 community facilities and two senior citizen complexes are located along the Ratoath Road, the actual location of the flyover. Surprisingly Sinn Fein and Fine Gael have supported the construction of this motorway bridge.

While the City Council’s engineers attempted to portray the Cabra Community Council’s proposal as unworkable they were forced to admit that in fact the proposal was perfectly viable and Irish Rail even admitted that they may use something similar at the Ashtown level crossing. It was clear that the City Council’s engineers never seriously looked at any other options and were determined to proceed with their own plans regardless of the consequences for the residents of Cabra.

Some stages of the An Bord Pleanála hearing were farcical, with Dublin City Council being allowed to submit technical documentation, maps and drawing a couple of days before the hearing. This gave the Cabra Community Council little or no time to examine these important items. On the day of the hearing, an hour before the hearing finished DCC were allowed to submit more new maps!

The ABP inspectors report and the final ruling will be decided in the coming months. Let’s hope sanity prevails.

Click Here to view full submission

Click Here to view Cabra Community Council reply to the Dublin City Council document “Reilly Bridge - Structures Options Report, July 2008”