Fur Ban Motion – Cllr. Cieran Perry

"In light of the ban and phase-out closure of fur farms in Ireland this council calls for a ban on the importation and sale of real fur, in the jurisdiction of Dublin City Council"

"I would ask councillors to support this motion from a humanitarian point of view. Tralee Town Council has already adopted such a ban. Do we really want 50 million animals killed for their skin every year to satisfy the vain lust of the fashion industry for fur?  Thankfully Fur farming will finally be banned in Ireland in 2012 but we still need to tackle the importation and sale of real fur in Ireland. China is the main exporter of animal fur and doesn’t even have any basic animal welfare legislation. This should not surprise us – if they are willing to oppress their own people, what chance do animals have? The majority of animals raised for fur in China are skinned alive. This includes domestic cats and dogs. Thankfully there are very few outlets selling real fur in Ireland.
If councillors support this motion we will be sending a message to the Fur industry that this torture of animals is unacceptable.