The current draft of the Dublin City Development Plan will be a disappointment for anybody hoping that proper constraints would be put on overdevelopment and unnecessary high rise. The excessive heights, densities and plot ratios agreed by a majority of councillors at the previous stage will encourage further intensification of buildings in Dublin city. An example of this is the fact that the current draft sets a standard of 8 storeys as the norm in central Dublin and 6 storeys in the outer suburbs. 8 storeys will now be classed as “low rise”. Up to 16 storeys will be classed as “mid rise” and will be acceptable in areas such as Phibsborough and Grangegorman.

The current City Manager, John Tierney, was behind the infamous “Maximising the City’s Potential” document which was basically a blueprint for high rise across Dublin. The Council officials were forced to back down on this document because of the strength of the objections from community groups and residents associations. These same officials are now using the opportunity of the Development Plan to sneak their plans through. They have been very successful so far and if councilors don’t use the current amendment phase to counter their high rise strategy we will find that developers will have a green light to throw up high rise and super high rise in areas which weren’t designed for this type of intrusive development.

The 6 year lifespan of this Development Plan will most likely see a serious reduction in building and development in the city so it is illogical that the current plan caters for even greater heights and densities than the previous plan which was produced during an economic boom.
The draft Development plan contains issues of concern to us all.

I have attended various consultations with residents groups over the past couple of months and I have submitted 40 motions and amendments for inclusion during the current phase of the Development Plan at the request of the various residents associations across the city. (See Latest Motions and Amendments Here)



2nd July Last day for councillors to submit motions and amendments to the Draft Development Plan and the Manager’s Report

15th July Manager’s Report on the motions and amendments submitted by the councilors.

26th July Councillors debate the latest Manager’s Report and the Draft Development Plan. (5 nights reserved for this debate)

16th August Draft agreed by councillors goes on public display. Submissions on amendments excepted at this stage.

13th Sept End of public display

11th Oct Manager’s Report on latest submissions and Draft Development Plan.

22nd Nov Councillors final debate on the Manager’s Report and the content of the Draft Development Plan