21st June, 2010

3974. Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee requests the Manager to provide details of the groups/organisations that are using the sporting facilities at the old traffic school location (Alfie Byrne/Clontarf Road). Could details of the booking arrangements for these facilities be made available.


At this time, the development of the Clontarf Sports Pitches and Pavilion is not fully completed and the facility is not in use. It is anticipated that the facility will be in use over the coming weeks and the use management will be administered by Sports Section of Culture, Recreation and Amenity Department. When completed the synthetic surfaced playing pitch facilities will consist of 1 full sized GAA Pitch, 1 No. Pitch facilitating Association Football/Rugby, and 1 7aside Association Football, which can be also used for 5aside. Booking arrangements will be available through the Sports Section when the date of commencement of availability is confirmed.