Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager                           City Council Meeting 01/10/2012



            In relation to anti-social behaviour cases taken against tenants by Dublin City Council can the Manager provide detailed answers to the following questions:
a) How many anti-social behaviour eviction cases are currently before the courts?
b) At what stage are the above court cases?
c) Has DCC withdrawn any anti-social behaviour cases in the past year and, if so, why?
d) How many anti-social behaviour evictions have taken place in the last two years and what was the cost of each case?



  1. 7 cases.
  1. All at High Court.


  1. 2012   -  6
  1. Case -   Property surrendered following Warrant
  2. Cases -  Resolved following notice to quit
  3. Cases - Proceedings ceased following Supreme Court judgement in the Donegan case.


  1. 2012   -      1 (to date)   

Evictions Office estimated costs to be €800.00 per eviction
Estimated legal costs of €528.00
2011   -      1     
Evictions office estimated costs to be €800.00 per eviction
Estimated legal costs of €1413.00


            Have Dublin City Council ever implemented a local employment clause in any of their contracts similar to the current clause put in place by the Grangegorman Development Authority or previously by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority?


The Council is not aware of what is being provided for by the agencies referred to in their contracts.  In any event the requirements of procurement legislation would have to be adhered to.

On the occasion of some previous regeneration projects, the Council has engaged informally with developers/contractors regarding the possibility of accommodating such an aspiration. 


            To ask the City Manager does Dublin City Council contribute financially to recycling facilities such as bottle banks on private property (Sports clubs/Shopping Centres)?


Dublin City Council does not contribute financially to recycling facilities such as bottle banks on private property.


            Can the Manager provide details of any complaints regarding breaches of event licenses over the last five years.


There have been a number of complaints relating to alleged breaches of Public Event Licences received in the last five years. They fall into two categories.

  1. Complaints relating to alleged breaches of working hours surrounding concerts.
  2. Complaints relating to alleged breaches of sound levels during the course of the concerts and sound checks.


Dublin City Council requires that the promoters of events submit a detailed schedule of working hours for agreement prior to issuing any licence for an event. This schedule outlines times for every element, of both the build and removal of structures required for the event. Dublin City Council carries out inspections and is in constant contact with the promoter’s agents to ensure that the schedule agreed for each event is complied with. The complaints relating to working hours have been hugely reduced over the last two years given new protocols that have been agreed and put in place between Dublin City Council and the promoters. These protocols include a message sent to Dublin City Council by the promoter’s agent each evening at the completion of works.

Dublin City Council sets a maximum permitted sound level for each event by way of condition attached to the licence. Officers from our Environmental Health Section take readings at all concerts to ensure that the levels concerned are complied with. Occasionally a small number of complaints are received following each concert from adjoining residents relating to “loud music”. The promoters in the vast majority of cases comply with the licence requirements regarding sound levels. Where breaches occur they are generally only minor in nature.