Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager               City Council Meeting 07/11/2011



            In relation to the Waste Management Service

    1. Can the Manager detail the complete process undertaken by DCC in seeking interest in taking over the Waste Management Service?
    2. Did the process adhere to the public service procurement requirements?
    3. Can the Manager detail the costs associated with the Waste Management Service which will continue after DCC have withdrawn from the Bin Collection Service?
    4. Can the Manager detail the meetings conducted with the Unions in relation to the Waste Management Service including those related to the Croke Park Agreement? 
    5. Can the Manager estimate the total cost to DCC of a full waiver to social welfare recipients?


  1. The City Council, with the assistance of expert advisors sought interest from waste management operators regarding the provision of the waste management operation provided by the City Council.
  1. This is not a tendering procedure and public procurement requirements regarding such procedures are not applicable.


  1. An amount of €6m is being provided in the 2012 draft estimates in relation to Waste Management issues directly related to domestic kerbside and commercial bin collection.  These charges relate to Landfill aftercare.


  1. In May 2011, the City Council outlined to the relevant Unions (Impact and SIPTU) the financial circumstances relating to the kerbside waste service.  At the Unions’ request, an independent third party was appointed to assist the Unions in the verification of the financial data and information being provided by Management. In June 2011 Management agreed the appointment of an independent consultant nominated by the Unions following which Terms of Reference for the examination were jointly agreed.

The examination process, which involved detailed discussion with Unions and Management, was concluded with the issuing of a report jointly to both parties. Thereafter, it was agreed by the Unions that the appropriate vehicle for the Council to present its proposal was in accordance with the procedures in the Croke Park Agreement.  A preliminary information meeting took place with the Unions on 24th August.  The Council’s proposal was formally issued to the Unions by letter on 2nd September, inviting them to the first formal meeting which took place on 19th September 2011.  At the first meeting on 19th Sept, the Unions advised Management that they were referring the matter to the Labour Relations Commission.  A subsequent meeting was held on 26th September which was attended by both Unions.  The LRC conciliation conference took place on 14th October 2011.  Both Unions failed to attend subsequent meetings in the City Council scheduled for 19th October, 2011 and 24th October 2011, having notified the Council in advance of their non-attendance.  SIPTU attended a meeting on 1st November 2011.  A further meeting is scheduled for 9th November 2011.  The City Council is anxious to continue engagement with the Unions in accordance with procedures in the Public Service (Croke Park) Agreement in relation to the proposal which has an implementation date of Monday 5th December, 2011.

  1. Circa 37,000 applicants will qualify for a waiver in 2011 which equals an amount of €3,700,000 being waived.  



            Can the Manager answer the following questions In relation to the severe flooding on Monday 24th October:–

    1. When were DCC first notified of the possibility of flooding?
    2. Why did it take so long to implement the Major Emergency Plan?
    3. Are extra resources allocated to manning the Emergency After Hours phone number during the Major Emergency Plan?
    4. Have DCC the available resources during an emergency such as that on Monday 24th or should Army resources have been called upon? 
    5. How significant was the gullies blocked by leaves as a contributing factor to the flooding? 
    6. How many houses and apartments across Dublin were damaged by floods?


A Report on Dublin City Flood Risk and interim report on extreme pluvial flooding event affecting East Coast and Dublin City on 24th October 2011 is before the City Council meeting on the 7th November 2011 under Item 10 on the Agenda (Report No. 338/2011).

            Can the Manager detail the number of planning retention applications submitted for the last five years and the number of successful retentions granted?

The information requested by the Councillor is available from 1st of January 2008 to date.  Below is a table outlining the requested information:



Retention Applications

Retention Grants










2011(end Sept)