Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager                           City Council Meeting 12/05/2014


            Can the Manager provide a copy of the advice given to him by the Chief Fire Officer in relation to the proposal to name the Dublin Fire Brigade HQ after Willie Bermingham?

The Chief Fire Officer was not involved in relation to the proposal to name Tara    Street Station after Willie Bermingham.

The Policy Document for Commemorative Naming was adopted by the full city council at its meeting on 3rd December 2012 which states inter alia “city parks, fire brigade stations and utility facilities will not be named after individuals or events.
Names of parks, fire brigade stations and other infrastructure will reflect the locality or townland”.

The decision not to rename Tara Street Fire Brigade Station was based on the criteria as set out above.

Dublin Fire Brigade like all departments is bound by the criteria set out in Dublin City Council’s Policy Document for Commemorative Naming of infrastructure and the provision of monuments, memorial and plaques states inter alia, that the naming of city parks, fire brigade stations, utility facilities etc. will not be named after individuals or events. Names of parks, fire stations and other infrastructure should reflect the history of the area, locality or town land.

The brigade was informed that a discussion took place at the Commemorative Naming Committee meeting held on 11th September, 2013 on renaming proposals. The Committee decided that their focus will be on naming and not re-naming proposals.

            Can the Manager provide a comprehensive report on St Catherine's Foyer given the various media reports of distress and violence among the residents? Can he confirm that the facility remains one where active drug and alcohol users are not accommodated? 

The Peter Mc Verry Trust (PMVT) continues to operate a drug and alcohol free service in line with the agreed policy as adopted by the local community and local area elected representatives.
It is important to note that media reports referring to  ‘distress and violence among residents’ in fact relates to one incident involving two service users and which had nothing to do with drug and alcohol concerns.  In line with normal practice, the PMVT put into action its existing policies and procedures for all clients and staff and put in place the supports required. In respect of this one and only incident to date the PMVT did make the appropriate engagement with An Garda Síochána and the incident has been dealt with.  DCC is not in a position to disclose specific personal client related detail associated with the incident but has confidence that the PMVT has handled the concerns in a professional manner and it is understood that both clients involved in this one incident are no longer resident at St Catherine’s Foyer.
            Can the Manager detail any discussions concerning the relocation of the O’Connell Street taxi ranks to accommodate the construction of the LUAS line? Can he confirm which stakeholders were included in any discussions and which sites were investigated as suitable for relocating the current ranks

DCC are currently carrying out a review of the existing taxi rank by-laws and this review will incorporate any permanent changes to taxi rank locations with respect to the LUAS works. DCC invited submissions with respect to this review from all relevant stakeholders and members of the public in March 2014. The taxi representative groups were specifically invited to make a submission. All submissions are currently being reviewed and will be taken into consideration when developing the draft revised taxi rank by laws. A full statutory public consultation process will then take place in the final quarter of 2014 on the draft revised by laws.

With respect to the taxi rank changes on O’ Connell Street due to the LUAS works, Dublin City Council, Traffic Management and Control Section has undertaken consultations with the following:

  • Taxi Representative Groups (NPHTA,TTNH,NITA,TAI,DATA,ITDF)
  • Public Representatives
  • National Transport Authority (NTA)
  • Railway Procurement Agency (RPA)
  • DCC Public Realm Group
  • DCC Traffic Advisory Group (TAG)

As part of this consultation process, 10 no. options were suggested by various parties for the location of permanent taxi stands on O’ Connell Street and the streets immediately adjacent. A range of criteria for consideration of the options were developed by the Traffic Management and Control Section and each option was assessed against these criteria. This process resulted in 4 options recommended for more detailed consideration.


Taxi Rank Locations


O’ Connell Street Upper, East side, new indent


Cathal Brugha Street Upper, South side


Parnell Street East, South side


Abbey Street Middle, South side

The Traffic Management and Control Section will be consulting with all the relevant DCC departments, taxi representatives, NTA and RPA to investigate further the suitability of the above locations in the vicinity of O’ Connell Street. Following this consultation the proposed changes on
O’ Connell Street will then be included in the draft revised taxi rank by laws which will be subject to a full statutory consultation process in late 2014.

            Can the Manager provide a breakdown of the total costs involved in the High Court case taken by Dublin City Council and Oisín Quinn against the Standards in Public Office Commission?

The City Councils legal costs to date come to a total of €117,912.72 in respect of Senior and Junior Council. We have paid the third parties legal costs of €1,591.50. We are also waiting a bill of costs from the Legal Stenography Company.