Dublin City Council

City Council Meeting 10/05/2010


Can the City Manager provide a breakdown of the costs reported under Revenue Expenditure for Fees, Consultancy & Professional Services in the Local Fund Financial Statement 30th January 2010 to 26th February 2010?
Can he also provide a total annual cost for this section of expenditure?

The total expenditure to the end of February 2010 under the heading of Fees, Consultancy & Professional Services is €3,945,141. There is actually no expenditure for either Professional Services or for Consultancy for this period, therefore the Fees relate in total to Higher Education Grants Fees. Annual Budgets for 2010 are as follows:-

- Fees Higher Educational Grants €9,000,000
Other Fees €2,896,251
- Consultancy €2,328,877
- Professional Services € 104,650

Can the City Manager comment on the following in relation to the motion on the three swimming pools passed at the April City Council meeting –
Noting that it is now City Council policy to keep these 3 stand alone pools operational, can the Manager detail what steps have been taken to ensure this happens?
Noting that the motion directs “the Culture, Recreation and Amenity department will actively seek financial and grant aid from all funding agencies for assistance in the running and maintenance of the current pools”, can the Manager detail what steps have been taken to act upon this, and what progress has been made in this regard?

Letters have been written to the Minister and the Secretary General in the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports requesting funding for the continued operation of the pools and an acknowledgement received. In addition contact has been made by phone to a senior official in the department who re-stated the position that sports capital projects must be of a capital nature. There have been indications that the department is considering a new round of sports capital funding but there are no details available yet.

Meetings have been held with a view to exploring the feasibility of having Community Employment Schemes in two of the pools. Letters of support have been issued to the sponsor groups of the schemes for consideration by FÁS.

Could the City Manager issue a formal reply to the published report by the Dublin Civic Trust on behalf of the Dublin City Business Association in relation to their proposals for the transformation of Central Dublin?

The launch of Defining Dublin’s Historic Core took place on 29th April 2010.

The report was timely, constructive and provocative. Timely in terms of the candidature for UNESCO World Heritage Listing, the Draft City Development Plan, The Designing Dublin examination of the City Core, and the Draft Public Realm Strategy, it shows how Dublin needs to embrace these defining Georgian Squares. The Chapters are very well laid out and attributes setting the context (history and time to create) followed by Connectivity, Ceremonial and Civic Space and Public Realm. This report highlights opportunities for the future of the city.

The document was submitted to the City Council as a submission on the Draft City Development Plan 2011-2017 and will be responded to in that context.

Can the City Manager outline the responsibilities of DCC in relation to noise
pollution caused by barking dogs in either council or private accommodation.

Nuisance by barking dogs is specifically addressed by section 25 of the Control of Dogs Act 1996. Under this section nuisance by barking dogs is a matter for the district court to adjudicate on. Neither Dublin City Council nor the Dog Warden Service have any powers or responsibilities