Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager                           City Council Meeting 10/06/2013


            Can the Manager provide this Council with the number of Derelict Site levies being applied within the Dublin area by location, amount and the length of time these levies have been paid? Can he also provide the number, location and value of Derelict Sites where the owners cannot be identified and the length of time these sites have been on the register? 


The information sought by the Councillor is contained in the attached table.


            Can the Manager provide an update on the current Assessment of Housing Need including the following?
a) How many forms were sent out?
b) How many forms were returned?
c) Of the returned forms what was the breakdown of preferred housing options?


A total of 19,897 assessment forms were sent out to applicants on the Housing List.  To date 12,397 forms have been returned by applicants. The information returned on the assessment forms will be collated by Dublin City Council and forwarded to the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government in order that the national figures can be ascertained. As yet, it is not possible to provide a breakdown of the preferred housing options of Dublin City Council applicants as the information from the returned forms is currently in the process of being entered on the computer system.


            Can the Manager detail the following in relation to car clamping:
a) How many vehicles were clamped after 7pm on Nutley Avenue in the past 5 years?
b) What percentage of the overall number of vehicles clamped on Nutley Avenue were clamped after 7pm in the past 5 years?  


The scheme on Nutley Avenue came into effect on 05th December 1994. The operational hours were Monday to Friday, 08.00-18.30.

A survey was carried out in April 2007 on the proposed extension to the operational times. There were 35 votes in favour and 44 votes against. As a result, the operational hours remained the same.

A review of the operational times was requested in a Council Question submitted to the South East Area Committee meeting on 13th February 2012. Following on from this, the residents were surveyed in June 2012.

The residents voted 73 v 33 in favour of increasing the operational hours. The residents were given 2 options of alternative operational hours. Monday to Sunday, 07.00-24.00 and Monday to Saturday, 07.00-24.00.

A majority of 62 residents opted for the Monday-Sunday, 07.00-24.00 option.

After all statutory procedures were met, the residents were informed that the operational hours would be extended based on the majority vote from 26th November 2012.

At present, there are 13 resident parking permits issued for Nutley Avenue and approximately 160 spaces.

In response to the specific query above:

  1. 28 vehicles were clamped on Nutley Avenue after 7pm between 02.06.07 and 04.06.12
  2. The total number of vehicles clamped on Nutley Avenue during the same period was 283.  This means that the number of vehicles clamped after 7pm was almost 10% of the total number.


            In January 2012 NAMA listed 484 properties to be considered for social housing by Dublin City Council. Can the Manager provide a comprehensive update on this proposal and also answer the following questions:
a) How many properties were eventually offered by the owners? Can a list of these properties be provided?
b) How many properties were declined or withdrawn and why?  
c) Have NAMA or any other Government agency engaged with DCC in relation the provision of social housing since this proposal?



  1. 68 properties are the subject of negotiations between Nama Asset Residential Property Services Ltd and (NARSPL) and two Approved Housing Bodies.
  2. 242 properties were declined for reasons such as, high concentration of social housing in the development and poor standard of development.  63 properties were withdrawn as NAMA confirmed that they were no longer available.
  3. Negotiations are ongoing with (NARSPL) with regard to the use of NAMA controlled housing units for social housing purposes.