Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager               City Council Meeting 13/06/2011


            Can the Manager confirm the following:
1. That there has been no tenders, expressions of interest or similar interest sought by Dublin City Council in relation to their Waste Management Service,
2. That Dublin City Council intend to continue providing the current level of Waste Management Service for 2012.



  • Dublin City Council has not sought any tenders, expressions of interest or similar interest in relation to our waste management service.
  • No decisions in relation to any of our waste management services for 2012 will be made until budgetary matters are considered towards the end of this year.

In the meantime, discussions are taking place with Unions regarding the future viability of the waste management service.


            Can the Manager provide the results of the pilot testing for water leaks carried out by Dublin City Council as quoted by Executive Manager Tom Leahy at the Water Metering Summit?  Can the Manager detail the amount of leaks discovered on private properties compared to those discovered on public properties?
Due to the absence of domestic metering there is limited data on leakage associated with domestic dwellings in Ireland.  There is information available from the UK which has a comparable climate and plumbing system but limited information or data on the Irish experience.

In order to address this issue, a pilot was carried out on the Merrion Road South as part of the Dublin Region Watermain Rehabilitation Project.  This area was ranked 11th worst performing (in terms of leakage and burst frequency) of over 600 district meter areas in the Dublin Region.  All non domestic users (24 in number) were previously metered as part of the non domestic metering programme using AMR technology which allows driveby gathering of meter data. A total of 212 AMR meters were placed on all domestic dwellings to identify leakage.

Every public main was replaced and meter readings confirmed that not a drop of water was being lost on public mains.  However when average usage figures were applied to domestic dwellings the Unaccounted for Water (UFW) figure was 19% even though the actual loss on public mains was zero.

The full report on the study is available on the Council Website and was submitted to the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government to facilitate consideration of new public policy to address leakage.  The initial findings were quite incredible with the three highest usage recorded as 35,309 litres/day (equivalent to water used by 80 houses), 21,506 litres/day (equivalent to 50 houses) and 13,880 litres/day (equivalent to 30 houses) respectively.  In summary, three houses had recorded use equivalent to 160 Houses in an area with 212 dwellings.  These leaks were between the road and the house and were repaired by householders.  The key findings, which appear to be consistent with other data, are that there was excessive use on up to 6% of dwellings with a small number quoting astronomical use.

After repairs by householders, usage per property is higher in this area than assumed, being 597 Litres/House/Day as opposed to an assumed 450 Litres/Property/Day and customer side leakage was measured at 135 Litres/Property/day compared to assumed figure of 66 Litres/Property/day.  This study will provide invaluable input into the debate on the new public policy for water conservation being discussed at central Government.


            Can the Manager provide a response to the replies from the Attorney General and the Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Innovation to the letter from the Lord Mayor regarding the Smithfield Horse Fair?


A copy of the correspondence requested has been provided to the Councillor.


Question to City Manager               City Council Meeting 13/06/2011


            Can the Manager detail the amounts lodged into the Internal Capital Receipts account from the sale of Council housing stock for the past 5 years?

The amounts receipted to Internal Capital Receipts over the past 5 years are as follows (see attached also):

  • 2006 - €42,981,472
  • 2007 - €30,534,696
  • 2008 - €12,486,341
  • 2009 - €5,842,547
  • 2010 - €6,737,431