Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager                           City Council Meeting 02/07/2012



            Can the Manager provide an update on the review by DCC of the Supreme Court decision in the Donegan v Dublin City Council case.


Review of the judgement is ongoing and consultations are taking place with all the interested parties.


            Can the Manager confirm ownership of the green space at the entrance to Ratoath Estate in Cabra? Can he also provide details of any flooding issues on this land.


According to our records in the Property Register Section, Dublin City Council is the owner of this green space.  It was acquired from Ratoath Estate Ltd. in 1973 and is registered to Dublin Council on Land Registry Folio No. 37079F.

This green space is currently maintained by the Parks and Landscape Services Division under the Grass Verge/Incidental Open Spaces Contract and came under our charge when we took responsibility for maintenance of the road verges. 

We are not aware of any continual flooding issues on the land.


            Can the Manager commit to informing local Councillors before any further street litter bins are removed from service in any areas and to provide a reason for the removal.


The location of litter bins is largely determined by operational requirements and tends to be dictated by factors such as locations of shops, schools, bus stops, level of footfall etc. Litter bins are removed in cases where either they are being underused in residential areas or are being abused by holders of waste who use them or their environs to dump waste in an attempt to avoid the payment of waste charges.

Arrangements will be put in place to notify Members of the City Council in any area in which it is proposed to remove bins and the reasons for the proposed removal. 



            Can the Manager provide a detailed update on the proposal to allocate 480 properties under the remit of NAMA to Dublin City Council? Can he provide details on the location of the units, the type of units, the size of the units and any other relevant information.


NAMA, through the Housing Agency in January forwarded a list of 484 properties in Dublin City to be considered for social housing.  Dublin City Council identified 242 of the properties as being suitable for social housing and informed the Housing Agency accordingly.  The Housing Agency then provided NAMA with this list of suitable properties.  The next step in the process was for NAMA to contact the relevant property owner/receiver to determine if the properties are still available and to discuss how the properties that are available can be best utilised. NAMA have confirmed that 178 of the properties are no longer available.  Negotiations are on-going between NAMA and property owners/receivers of the available properties as to the utilisation of these properties for social housing.

It is expected that the majority of properties will be secured through leasing arrangements in accordance with the Social Housing Leasing Initiative.  Lease costs will be determined by negotiation using a standard discounted market price which may vary to reflect the circumstances of a particular case and the terms of a contractual agreement.  It is not possible at this time to estimate the cost of leasing the properties.  Dublin City Council will have the option of leasing the properties directly or arranging for an approved housing body to secure the properties by leasing or purchase.