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Question to City Manager                           City Council Meeting 11/02/2014



Emergency Motion in the name of Councillors Cieran Perry, Nial Ring, Mary Fitzpatrick


That this Committee calls on the promoters of the proposed Garth Brooks concerts in Croke Park, as well as the GAA/Pairc an Chrocaigh Teo., to immediately engage with all stakeholders to discuss and agree, in advance of the submission of any licence application for these proposed concerts all issues surrounding the proposed concerts including, traffic, cleansing, access to area for residents, potential community gain etc.

Furthermore, this Committee insists that stakeholders to be consulted should include, at a minimum, all local public representatives, business representatives, DCC representatives, the Gardai but especially, and separately, all groups representing the local communities and groups. The latter should include the Croke Park and Clonliffe Area Residents' Association, the Croke Park Area Residents Alliance, the Croke Park Streets Committee, the Irish Stadiums Communities Association, and any other group/residents association in the area. Also, the fact that any groups/individuals are being sued by Pairc An Chrocaigh Teoranta on separate matters should not exclude the groups/individuals from the consultation process.

Finally, this Committee agrees that should the above process not result in agreement by all parties, we will call on Dublin City Council to refuse the concert licences.

Emergency Motion in the name of Councillors Cieran Perry and Nial Ring

This Committee calls on the Planning Department of Dublin City Council to refuse to grant a Public Event Licence for the planned Garth Brooks concerts in Croke Park until meaningful community consultation has taken place with the representative residents associations in the area. The fact that tickets for the unlicensed concerts are already on sale shows contempt for both community engagement and the planning process. .
Item     5822

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee requests that Dublin City Council retain the content of the existing Local Area Plan, with possible minor and relevant adaptation and append a limited environmental improvement plan.



The Local Area Plan for Phibsborough/ Mountjoy was prepared and carried out in accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2000-2011, and Part 3 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001-2012. These statutory documents set down the criteria under which Local Area Plans must be created, amended and revoked.

  1. Since its preparations, many of the key objectives of the LAP can no longer be realised e.g. the redevelopment of Mountjoy Prison, the National Childrens Hospital at the Mater, and the Shopping Centre/Bohemians site, together with the then projected population increase of 4000, and associated levels of social infrastructure.  The Manager considers that these objectives cannot be achieved simply by retaining the plan with minor amendments, or by extending the plan for a further 5 years.


  1. The options available under the 2000 Act are to amend or revoke the LAP. Given the lack of anticipated major development in the area, the recent reports to the SPC and the Area Committee recommended revoking the LAP and the preparation of an environmental improvements plan for the area, focusing attention on the publically owned and accessible lands. Such an approach seeks to maximise efficient use of money and staff resources, helping to ensure that money is spent on the end product as such, i.e. on the items identified for implementation in the improvements plan.  As requested by the Area Committee it is intended to consult with the Phibsborough/Mountjoy Local Area Plan Monitoring Committee before finalising any approach to the matter.


Q71      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied: A request to rescind four Pay and Display Parking bays on the southside of Parkgate Street, to allow a bus terminus across the road from McGowan Motors is currently being examined by TAG.  From discussion with Dublin Bus, is Dublin City Council aware of the timelines for the implementation of the relocation if permission to rescind is granted?



The Traffic Advisory Group at its meeting of 17th December, 2013 recommended the rescindment of 4 pay and display and permit parking spaces on Parkgate Street to facilitate bus cage markings.   This measure was noted by the Central Area Committee at its meeting of 14th January, 2014.  On completion of the statutory consultation process with the Gardaí and signing of the Executive Manager’s Order, the measure will be referred to the Traffic Officer for implementation.  It is expected that the measure will be in place by the end of March, 2014.

Q72      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied: As part of the new Waste Bye Laws, when does Dublin City Council intend to begin fining the Waste Collection companies for failure to collect bags within the specified time?




At present Litter Wardens and other authorised persons are patrolling their areas and where evidence is found that waste collection companies are failing to collect waste on the appropriate date and time, fines will issue.


Q73      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied: if he can confirm that the Rowan Hamilton Court apartment complex at 188 Hamilton Square, Bannow Road, Cabra, has valid certification, including a fire safety certificate, to allow residents occupy the dwellings?


Dublin Fire Brigade have requested clarification on the question from the Councillor and a reply will issue in due course.

Q74      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied: to provide a comprehensive update from all relevant departments on the ongoing planning issues with 52/52A Mountjoy Street.




There has been no Development Management planning issues or meetings since a pre-application consultation in 2008; PAC0011/08. Prior to that there was a grant of permission on appeal per PL29N.216064 (Reg. Ref: 4036/05) for apartment scheme. According to APAS database, this has now expired.

The property is in the process of changing ownership.  Ongoing discussions and negotiations have been taking place between the Conservation and Planning Enforcement Sections with the prospective purchaser with regard to protective measures for the building.

Q75      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied: to investigate the continued vacancy of no. 12 Annamoe Park, Cabra.  Can he also confirm that payment of rent for a vacant council property is not a valid reason for retaining tenancy.




The tenant of (details supplied) has been in long-term care for some time and as a result the home has not been occupied.  Whilst payment of rent is not always a valid reason for retaining a tenancy the City Council would not in general be forcing residents who are in care, who continue to pay rent and who do not wish to surrender their tenancy to vacate their homes.

Q76      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to confirm whether a General Operative grade in Dublin City Council employment is disbarred from applying for a position or redeployment to a grade above the GO grade?  If so, could this be considered discrimination against the lower grades of employment.




When a position of employment is advertised by Dublin City Council, a job specification and eligibility criteria based on education and experience are prepared for that position, and any Council employee who meets the eligibility criteria is entitled to apply and be considered for the position.

Redeployment within the public sector is overseen by the Public Appointments Service (PAS) who have prepared a redeployment toolkit which sets out the rules in regard to employees moving from one public sector employer to another. In general, all employees who move under the PAS scheme do so with no change to their salary and carry out similar duties to those they were doing previously. Redeployment under the PAS scheme is not regarded as a promotional outlet.   

Q77      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to provide an update on the Blackhorse Avenue road works?  Can he detail the area completed, the area due to be completed under the current phase and the estimated timelines.



Blackhorse Avenue Improvements are being carried out on a phased basis.  The first three sections, which were considered to be the most in need of improvement were:-

Section 2 – Springfield Road to the Cabra Gate
Section 3 – Villa Park to Baggot Road/Turnstile Public House
Section 5 – Darling Estate Road to the Paddock.

Construction work on Sections 3 and 5 has been completed.  Part 8 Planning and Development approval was given by City Council for Section 2 at its meeting in November 2013.  Road Design Division is currently completing the detailed design of Section 2 and preparing contract documents.  These documents are expected to be completed by mid 2014.  It is not possible to say when construction work can commence as funding has not been allocated for the scheme this year.

In parallel with the road re-alignments outlined above, Road Maintenance Division completed carriageway renewal works last year on the following sections of Blackhorse Avenue – 1) at railway bridge near Glenbeigh Road 2) between Springfield and Cemetery 3) at St. Joseph’s Cottages near Darling Estate.

Q78      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to detail any payments made by Dublin City Council to the operators of East Link Toll Bridge over the last 10 years.




No payments have been made by Dublin City Council to the operators of the East Link Toll Scheme over the last 10 years.

Q79      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  can he confirm the position of the occupant of no. 569 Carnlough Road, Cabra, on the disabled persons grant list?



This application was assessed for the provision of an extension to the property on
medical grounds in May 2013.  The case was awarded a moderate priority for the            proposed works.

Due to ongoing budgetary constraints and the number of cases meriting a high medical priority for such works, we are in the position of dealing with high medical priority cases for extensions for the present.

No commitment can be given as to when an extension may be provided at this
property.  The tenant was informed of this outcome by letter on 13th May 2013.