Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager               City Council Meeting 07/02/2011


            Can the Manager confirm that RTE and the Sisters of Charity have brought High Court challenges arising from the Z15 zoning in the new Dublin City Development Plan as reported in the media?  Can the Manager provide any more detail on the basis of these cases.


Both the Religious Sisters of Charity and Radio Telefis Eireann have instigated High Court Judicial Review proceedings against Dublin City Council (Record No. 2011/56JR and 2011/59JR respectively).  The proceedings relate to the Z15 (Community and Institutional Resource lands) objectives in the new City Development Plan 2011-2017 which was adopted by the City Council on 24th November 2010 and came into effect on 22nd December.

In the case of RTE, the judicial review proceedings relate to the zoning objective applicable to their site at Montrose Donnybrook.

The matter will be raised at the City Council meeting on 7th February 2011, to seek the authorisation of members under SI53(2) of the Local Government Act.

The Z15 zoning and uses permitted will remain in place until the proceedings are determined.


            Can the Manager provide answers to the following questions in relation to the partial demolition of 17/18 Moore Lane?
· When were the structures considered to be a danger to the public?
· Who made this discovery?
· While these buildings are not protected structures, the Shaffrey report commissioned by Dublin City Council recognises that they have significant historical value. In light of this fact did the Dangerous Buildings Section consider any other option apart from demolition, and if not, why?
· Have the removed materials been placed in storage in the event of re-instatement?


1 - The Dangerous Buildings Section wrote to Chartered Land on the 14th April instructing them to have an inspection carried out by a competent person on properties owned by them on Moore St., Moore Lane and Henry Place as there was concern that loose bricks on the top of the wall at 17- 18 Henry Place posed a threat to public safety.  The other properties were included so as to make sure that no dangers were present that could not be observed from street level.

2 - The Dangerous Buildings Inspector.

3 - The Dangerous Buildings Section has no legal powers under the relevant legislation other than to instruct the owner to remove the danger.

4 - The removed bricks are currently in storage.


            Can the Manager confirm that representatives of the residents of East Wall will be included as members of any Traffic Management Planning Committee for the DART Underground project?


It is a matter for the Inspector of the inquiry to determine the membership of any Traffic Planning Committee established by the inquiry.