Dublin City Council


Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 07/12/2009


The Department of the Environment Planning Guidelines consider it necessary for Local Authorities to assess how many residential units can be accommodated in any given area before deciding what zoned land would be needed to cater for the number of housing units required. It would therefore help City Councillors in their consideration of the Draft Development Plan if the Manager could inform us of the density figures that form the basis of the Draft Plan.
Could the Manager provide the Councillors with the figures for the low, medium and high density categories and the range of densities (net units per hectare) that management considered suitable for the different areas (inner city / suburban) and different zoning designations in the city when drawing up the Draft Development Plan 2011-2017.

It was agreed by the City Council at the initial stages of the Development Plan Review that all matters relating to the making of the next City Development Plan would be dealt with by special convened meetings of the City Council.

Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 07/12/2009

Can the Manager inform this council if Dublin City Council has any plans to access European funding through the 'Jessica' programme or similar programmes, and if so, where are they funds earmarked for?

JESSICA stands for “Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City”. This initiative is being developed by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB), in collaboration with the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).

Under new procedures, Member States are being given the option of using some of their EU grant funding, their so-called Structural Funds, to make repayable investments in projects forming part of an integrated plan for sustainable urban development. These investments, which may take the form of equity, loans and/or guarantees, are delivered to projects via Urban Development Funds and, if required, Holding Funds.

The JESSICA Programme does not yet apply to Ireland. The situation at the moment is that a feasibility study needs to be done between Ireland and the EIB to find out whether an Urban Development Fund can be set up, however it is not expected that the findings of this feasibility study would be in our favour.

Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 07/12/2009

Can the Manager give me an update on the question (Q90) I asked at the July City Council meeting regarding the total cost to date of engaging Legal & Trade Collection (Ireland), Intrum Justitia and Bill Holohan & Associates Solicitors in works for Dublin City Council in relation to the non-payment of the Bin Charges and to give a breakdown of these costs.

Legal & Trade Collections Ltd, Intrum Justitia Ltd and Bill Holohan & Associates are one business entity trading as Intrum Justitia Ireland Ltd.

Payments totalling €438,296.00 have been made to Intrum Justitia Ltd. from 2003 to date. It is not appropriate to give a breakdown of this figure as it is considered to be commercially sensitive. The payment made covers all handling charges, postage, telephony, commission, VAT etc. Collection rates for recent years have greatly improved. As the amount collected has exceeded the charges raised, there has been a resultant reduction in the overall historic arrears figure.