Central Area Committee September


Question to City Manager                                                
Meeting 13th September 2011


Q52      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to comment on the difficulties being experienced by residents in the East Wall in acquiring insurance cover for flooding.  This is despite flood prevention works being carried out and the establishment of the Dublin Flood Partnership.  Can any steps be taken by Dublin City Council to assist residents in acquiring this cover or further reassure Insurers that the necessary preventative measures are in place?



Dublin City Council has:

  • Undertaken flood prevention works necessary to reduce the flood risk in the east Wall area to acceptable levels,
  • Continuously reviews the level of risk in the area,
  • Operates the only 24/7 dedicated coastal flood forecasting in the country,
  • And has informed both the local community group and the insurance industry of the reduced level of risk in the East Wall area.
    • The attached presentation report   setting out the works & procedures was sent to the Irish Insurance Federation for circulation to their members in early 2009. This we understand was circulated to the under-writers in approximately 19 Insurance companies.

Tom Leahy, Executive Manager (Engineering) is also highlighting the Dublin City Council overall flood risk management strategy as part of this year’s series of CPD lectures being delivered to the Insurance Institute of Ireland.

It would be hoped that this would influence the insurance industry attitude to the East Wall area. We are aware that the OPW (the National Flood Agency) are in contact with the Insurance Industry and will forward this reply for their attention.


Q53      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager  in relation to the proposed new permanent school premises for Gaelscoil Bharra in Cabra, can the Manager confirm that the agreed boundary of the land to be disposed of to the Department of Education and Skills is indicated by the unbroken red line on Map Index No. sm2010-0603 (DWG No.2) dated 04/11/10?



Dublin City Council assented to the proposal to dispose of a portion of land to the Department of Education & Skills for the erection of a permanent gaelscoil.  Term 2 of Council Report 95/2011 outlines the area proposed to be disposed and is as follows:

“The area proposed to be disposed measures approximately 1,922.8sqm and is more particularly shown outlined red and coloured pink, blue and yellow on Map Index No. SM2010-0603-002.  Boundaries to be pegged out in due course”.

I confirm that the agreed boundary of the land to be disposed to the Department of Education and Skills is indicated by the solid (unbroken) red line as shown on Map Index No. SM2010-0603-002.


Q54      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide a full breakdown of all unoccupied housing units, including Senior Citizens units, under the remit of Dublin Council in the Cabra area detailing the following:-

a)      The address of each unit under repair
b)      How long each unit under repair has been in Dublin City Council
c)       When they are likely to be ready for letting



  • The attached spreadsheet details the current list of voids in the Cabra area, as requested.                                                     


  • Those categorised Void Short Term Repair are less than six months vacant. Those categorised Void Long Term Repair are vacant over six months. A number of these dwellings are actually ready and in the process of being re-let by the Allocations Section, all Maintenance repairs having been completed.
  • Work is ongoing on all others voids.


Q55      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide an update on the Section 152 Warning Letter (Planning and Development Act 2000) issued to the owners of 52 Mountjoy Street



The building concerned is included on the Council’s Register of Protected Structures. The Warning Letter that issued in July 2011 included a number of steps to be taken to prevent the building from ongoing endangerment.

The property owner also owns a piece of land adjoining the aforementioned protected structure and has been in receipt of a Notice from the Council’s Derelict Sites Section in relation to this land. A recent inspection has shown that work has commenced in clearing the property to comply with the Derelict Sites Section’s requirements. The situation will be monitored to ensure that essential protection works take place to the building also.


Q56      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (to provide an update on the allocation process for the 38 Older Person Units at McKee Park.  Also, how many units have currently been allocated?




The Allocations process for the new McKee development has not commenced as yet. It is expected that the handover from the developer to the City Council will take place within the next fortnight.

It is proposed to consider a number of applicants for these units from the financial contribution waiting list and the surrendering larger transfer list. This will assist in the continuance of the detenanting programme in O’ Devaney Gardens as some tenants can then be considered for the resultant vacancies. A small number of suitable applicants from O’Devaney Gardens will also be considered subject to the best interests of good estate management in the McKee Park complex.

Applicants for the units will also be considered from the older Persons waiting lists, including Medical and Welfare Cases, in addition to applicants on the points list. It is also proposed to consider allocating units to some of our current tenants in the surrounding area who have resided in bedsit accommodation for quite some time.

When the development has been handed over, the selected applicants will be contacted to arrange a viewing and the occupation will then commence with immediate effect.


Q57      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager  to confirm if CCTV has been installed facing the Bottle Bank on Carnlough Road in Cabra and if so whether there have been any fines issued as a result



A CCTV camera was installed in January 2011.  A total of 22 fines and one direct prosecution were issued. The case of the direct prosecution has not been heard yet.  Direct prosecutions are issued where a person dumps bags of rubbish at a bring centre and makes no effort to recycle.

To date 18 of the fines have been paid.  No further action will be taken on one fine issued as a minor deposited a box at the bring centre without the knowledge of the registered owner of the vehicle and therefore Dublin City Council would not be successful in court on this case.  Two fines remain unpaid and a prosecution has been initiated for one fine.  If the remaining unpaid fine is not paid by 8th September 2011, a prosecution will be then be initiated.

As the level of dumping at this site has decreased below the minimum agreed by the service provider of the CCTV cameras, the camera has now been removed.  The litter wardens are monitoring the site at present. If and when the dumping is renewed at the site a CCTV camera will be installed again.


Q58      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to give a commitment to tackle the constant illegal dumping in St. Mary’s Place.  I am led to believe that the main culprit is easily identifiable due to the frequency of the dumping.  Has this person been contacted in relation to the illegal dumping?



The Litter Warden removes bags from St. Mary’s Place at least twice a week. The bags are searched but no evidence has been found to issue fines or prosecute the offender.  Anecdotal evidence would lead the Litter Warden to believe that a local resident is dumping but unless the Litter Warden has proof positive, he is not in a position to take any enforcement action under the Litter Pollution Acts.


Q59      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to answer the following queries in relation to the UPC/NTL cabinets which have been installed in public places around the city, including Dublin 7

a.       Do these cabinets require Planning Permission?
b.      Do UPC/NTL pay for the location of these cabinets on public property?



  • Dublin City Council in accordance with the provisions of Section 254 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 and the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 to 2006, licences the placement of telecommunication cabinets on the public road/footpath at suitable locations, where the dimensions of the cabinet does not exceed two cubic metres externally. An application must be made to Dublin City Council and a licence granted before such cabinets are placed on the public road/footpath.
  • Each  application is accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of €225


Q60      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to contact the HSE in relation to No.175 Navan Road and enquire which section manages this facility and can they provide an update on the current status and future plans for the house?  




A letter has been forwarded to the HSE requesting a response to the above. A reply will issue directly to the Councillor.


Motion in the name of Cieran Perry

That this committee welcomes the decision by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority to refuse permission for the construction of sub standard residential units at Spencer Dock (DD628). That this Committee notes the importance of the independent planning report by Declan Brassil and Associates that highlighted the significant inadequacies of the proposal. That this Committee calls on the relevant bodies to work without further haste to submit a revised application in line with the report by Declan Brassil and Associates and compliant with all the current standards.



The submission of a revised planning application for Blocks N and M is a matter for Spencer Dock Development Company Limited who are the developers of Spencer Dock.  A letter will be forwarded to the Spencer Dock Development Company if the members agree the terms of this motion.


Motion in the name of Cieran Perry

That this Committee condemns the recent decision (Wednesday 17th August, 2011) by Dublin Bus and the National Transport Authority (NTA) to abolish the 19 Bus beginning Saturday 27th August 2011.

A letter will be forwarded to Dublin Bus and the National Transport Authority if the Members agree to the terms of the motion.


Emergency Motion in the name of Cieran Perry

That this committee requests Dublin Bus to attend the next Area Committee meeting to address the concerns of the residents affected by the abolition of the No.19 bus route.


Emergency Motion in the name of Cieran Perry

That this committee supports the retention of Dublin City Council’s Waste Management Service as a public service and calls on the City Manager to convene a special council meeting to discuss the threat of privatisation