Central Area Committee September

Meeting 14th September 2010


Q46      Councillor Cieran Perry

In relation to the apartment complex at 55-58 East Road, East Wall: Could the manager provide full details of the legal proceedings taken against McGinley construction in relation to this property, including a full history of the issues involved.
Could the manager provide details of any fire safety certificate issued prior to the opening of the development and what fire safety checks had taken place before the apartments were occupied, over two years ago.
Due to the closure of the basement car park, excessive on street parking is now occurring on both sides of East Road. With this a busy rush hour route, which also accommodates bus and HGV traffic can the manager outline what steps can be taken to address safety concerns that have arisen.


A Fire Safety Certificate was granted, with conditions, on 27 June 2006.  It is not and was not the normal practice of Dublin Fire Brigade to undertake inspections before apartments are occupied.  In this instance no inspections were carried out prior to the apartments being occupied.

An Enforcement Notice pursuant to Section 8 of the Building Control Act, 1990 was served on McGinley Construction and other parties on 12 August 2009.

A Fire Safety Notice pursuant to Section 20 of the Fire Services Act, 1981 was served on McGinley Construction and other parties on 1 February 2010.

On 11 August 2010 an order was made by the High Court directing that no person shall use the basement of the premises for car parking or storage until certain works are carried out.

Regarding safety concerns, the area will be inspected by a member of the Area Traffic team and a report issued directly to the Councillor.


Q47      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager arrange a meeting between the Traffic Department, residents and local Gardai to address the issue of car accidents at River Road, Ashtown.


The most recent accident statistics available to Dublin City Council for River Road records 7 minor accidents on River Road between 1999 and 2008 (5 in 1999 and 1 in 2001 and 1 in 2002).  Four of these accidents occurred at the junction with Ashtown Road, two at the junction with Ratoath Road and one between these two junctions.  There have been no serious or fatal accidents recorded in these ten years.

This matter can be discussed further at the Navan Road Area Policing Forum which is scheduled to have it’s first meeting early in October and at which Gardai will be present.


Q48      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager outline Dublin City Council’s intended enforcement procedures in relation to the following issues on the Cabra Hill site on Carnlough Road? These issues have been brought to the attention of the site owners previously.

  1. The mounds of clay creating a security risk behind the houses on Carnlough Road.
  2. The disgraceful state of the site hording and garden beside No.6 Carnlough Road.


An Bord Pleanála granted planning permission on 18 September 2007 for a residential redevelopment of the former CIE lands at Carnlough Road, off the new Cabra Road, Cabra, Dublin 7, to include demolition of nos 2 and 4 Carnlough Road (planning register reference 3884/06). A Commencement Notice in respect of this proposal was received on 12 May 2008.

In 28 June 2010, the Board granted permission for modifications to the internal road circulation layout and to the buildings previously permitted under planning authority (register reference 4173/09)

Class 16 of Schedule 2 – Part 1 of the planning and Development regulations exempts the erection of hoarding around a development site during the course of development works. As planning permission is not required to erect the hoarding, its condition is not amenable to enforcement action under planning legislation.

The area Planning Enforcement Officer has reported that the earth mounds resulted from soil movement activity on these lands during the demolition of the concrete silos that had been situated thereon and in preparation for the approved residential development. He reports that they are set back from the rear boundary walls of the houses on Carnlough Road and that access to these houses from the earth mounds is not possible. The soil movement is exempt from requiring planning permission as a live permission exists for the development of the lands.

This matter will also be examined by the Derelict Sites Section.


Q49      Councillor Cieran Perry

Given that the bottle bank on Carnlough Road is a constant eyesore in a residential area, can the Manager investigate an alternative location or suggest a solution to the current problems?


Waste Management Services have not received any complaints about the bottle bank on Carnlough Road which provides an important Recycling Facility for the local community and is very well used by the public. This bottle bank is serviced every day including weekends and there are no plans to move it to an alternative location. If there are particular problems at this location, we will endeavour to address same, if the problems are identified to Waste Management.


Q50      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide a breakdown of all funding for the Cabra Parkside Community & Sports Centre, including non Dublin City Council funding?


The following is a breakdown of the estimated  funding for Cabra Parkside  Community and Sports Centre for period 2010. The YPFSF grant is confirmed however the final figure for  tolls, hire charge and DCC contribution cannot be confirmed until year end.   

Young People's Facilities and Services Fund




Hire Charge


DCC Contribution


Total Income


Total Expenditure



Q51      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager outline the current situation in regard to the proposed pumping station in the Docklands and include the timescale involved?


The National Conference Centre (Convention Centre Dublin - CCD) was constructed by Spencer Dock Development Company on foot of permissions issued by Dublin Docklands Development Company (DDDA), the Planning Authority for the Docklands area. Planning permission was also issued by the DDDA for the construction of a sewage pumping station to convey drainage from the Centre to the wastewater treatment works at Ringsend.

Spencer Dock Development Company have signed a development agreement with Dublin City Council to design and construct the sewage pumping station to service the Convention Centre Dublin. Permission was given by Dublin City Council for a temporary connection to the public sewer to allow the commissioning and operation of the Convention Centre to align with the Development Agreement for construction of the pumping Station.

Spencer Dock Development Company have applied to the DDDA for a compliance certificate for the permission previously granted by the DDDA for construction of the pumping station. At the date of this report (8/9/2010), the DDDA have not yet issued the compliance certificate to allow the pumping station to be constructed by Spencer Dock Development Company.

Dublin City Council has extended the temporary connection to facilitate the developer to obtain the necessary compliance certificate from the DDDA. As part of this interim solution, the obligation rests with Spencer Dock Development Company to fully comply with all environmental protection legislation and to prevent any contamination of the nearby river and bay.

In relation to timescale this will be determined by the date of issue of the necessary compliance certificate by the DDDA. The construction and commissioning of the pumping station is estimated to take fifteen months from commencement.


Q52      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager explain Dublin City Council’s policy in relation to the issuing of a second parking permit to a private residence and is it possible to show discretion in cases where a single person can prove a requirement for a non obstructive work vehicle as well as a private car?  


The issue of residents’ parking permits is dealt with in Part III of the Dublin City Council Parking Control (Amendment) Bye-Laws 2008.

Bye Law 22 (2) provides for the issue of one permit to an applicant who is a resident on a public road in a residential parking permit zone, subject to quotas based on the type of dwelling and the level of demand for parking on the street.  There is no provision in the Bye-Laws for the issuance of a second permit to any particular applicant. 

The permit quota for a building which is a single housing unit and located in a heavy demand zone is three and where such building is not located in a heavy demand zone, the quota is four.


Q53      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this committee whether Greyhound have accrued any penalty clauses due to unsatisfactory service and can he reply to the attached letter of complaint from a customer?


The City Council have applied penalties in respect of a number of missed collections in the early part of 2010.

The customer complaint is currently being investigated and a comprehensive response will issue as soon as possible.


Q54      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager outline whether any planning or licence breaches took place in the Point Depot following the Guns ' n ' Roses concert (Sept 1st) which finished at 1am?


Indoor events are not covered by planning legislation and therefore this concert did not require an event licence. 


Q55      Councillor Cieran Perry

Could the Manager provide information on the vacating of number 53 Merchants Road, East Wall? Could he also provide details of any necessary repairs and upgrades to this unit and a proposed timescale for its future allocation?

Problems were experienced with the sewer at this location during periods of heavy rain and there was a surcharge from the outfall manhole (located in an enclosed site/industrial area at rear of 53) which resulted in sewerage surfacing in the yard of 53. A camera was used to inspect the line and no fault or obstruction was found. It was decided to place a Non Return Valve (NRV) in the line to prevent any further surcharge entering no. 53. The executive engineer has agreed that it may be possible to alter the layout of the sewer. The details of this still have to be agreed, due to the nature of the work involved the confined area of the back yard, and the agreement of the owner of the private property to the rear being required.  It is envisaged that these works would take 8 weeks approx. It would not be possible to carry out this work while the dwelling is occupied.


Q85      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide the schedule of Grass cutting for the soccer pitches in Martin Savage Park? If there is a requirement for extra cutting during the summer period can the local clubs organise this themselves?

This Division is unaware of any requirement for additional grass cutting on the soccer pitches in Martin Savage Park during the summer months. If the local club Phoenix FC should have such a requirement then they should contact Mr. Ed. Bowden, Senior District Parks Officer, who can examine their request.