Central Area Committee October

Question to City Manager Central Area Committee
Meeting 12th October 2010

Q52 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to provide a progress report on the Phibsborough LAP Monitoring Committee.


The inaugural meeting of the Phibsborough/Mountjoy LAP Monitoring Committee was held on 14th July, 2010.

Please find below draft minutes of the meeting.

Inaugural Meeting of the Phibsborough/Mountjoy LAP Monitoring Committee
Draft minutes of meeting held Wednesday 14th July 2010 @ 2.30pm, Central Area Office.

In attendance:
Cllr. Mary O’Shea (Chairperson) ....................Kieran Collins, Resident
Cllr. Emer Costello .........................................Charlie Lowe, Executive Manager
Irene Bent, Resident ......................................Hugh McKenna, Senior Executive Officer
Willie Cumming, Resident ..............................Blathnaid Casey, Assistant Staff Officer
Patrick Grant, Resident

Peter Murray
Jim Keogan, Executive Manager, Planning Department

1) Introductions:

Members introduced themselves.

2) Terms of reference:

A copy of the terms of reference was supplied to each member.

3) Background

Cllr. O’Shea gave a background to the LAP. The LAP will remain valid for a period of six years from the date it was adopted by the City Councillors. Under legislation, there is a possibility that it could be extended by a further five years. It will form the basis on which planning decisions for the future development proposals within the area are made during the lifetime of the plan. The LAP will not be changed by the proposed City Development Plan 2011 – 2017.

4) Overview

• At the time the LAP was being prepared it was envisaged that a large amount of development would be undertaken. Any planning permission granted for the larger sites would have development contribution conditions attached, enabling community accessible facilities to be created. However, the Mater Hospital site is the only significant site within the Plan area where work has commenced and any development of the other major sites appears unlikely in the short-term.

• Members briefly described their expectations regarding the Committee. It was felt that priority should be given to correcting existing deficiencies, such as the lack of meeting rooms for community use. The’dublinbike’ scheme should be extended to suburban areas such as Phibsborough. As such, Phibsborough is dominated by two national primary roads and is not seen as a village. There was a consensus that improvements can be achieved through the introduction of the ‘homezones’ element of the Plan. Examining the possibility of introducing one-way systems etc. also has the potential to improve individual streets. In light of the fact that most of the developments laid out in the LAP remain theoretical in the short-term, it was agreed to focus on the delivery of small projects. It was noted that ‘dublinbikes’ plan to extend the scheme and provide additional stations in three areas within the Central Area.

• Members felt new developments should be monitored to ensure nothing happens to the area that they are uncomfortable with, particularly with regard to height.

• Charlie Lowe explained that Dublin City Council’s ability to implement infrastructural improvements by way of homezones etc. was always linked to receipt of development contribution levies. Due to an absence of development taking place, the Council is severely restricted in terms of funding for these types of projects.

• Charlie Lowe agreed to having certain parts of the LAP looked at by the City Planning Officer and the City Architect, in terms of fleshing out smaller scale improvements. It was proposed that future options for transport be explored also, e.g. assess the feasibility of developing a railway station at Cross Guns Bridge.

• The issue of parking was briefly discussed; the area is under huge pressure due to the number of institutions there and residents believe there should be a system of parking for residents only. It was noted that a lack of primary legislation on this matter means that byelaws cannot be introduced by Dublin City Council, in this regard Pay & Display parking is the only available tool.

• The Royal Canal and Royal Canal Bank were highlighted as amenities which are being underutilised. It was noted that dredging of the Royal Canal by Waterways Ireland is complete and the canal is now potentially navigable.

• ‘Cluain Mhuire’, a Christian Brothers site on the North Circular Road, was noted as a green space that could be acquired in the future by Dublin City Council and developed into a public space for the community. Alternatively, the space should be made available for public access and use.

• Noted that the Rathdown Road area has not been included in the ‘homezones’ element of the LAP.

5) Actions:

- A copy of the LAP to be supplied to each member.

- City Planning Officer and City Architect to be asked to examine the relevant parts of the Plan, in terms of fleshing out smaller scale improvements.

- Jim Keogan, Executive Manager of the Planning Department to be invited to the next meeting.

- Major development sites to be referenced by the Property and Title Research Section. A report to be made on the status of each site: Dalymount Park, Cross Guns Bridge, and the former Smurfit Printworks on Botanic Road with regard to their status in terms of ownership, receiverships, Nama etc.

- Clarification from Albion properties to be sought with regard to their plans for the Dalymount site.

- Bohemian’s Football Club to be invited to attend a meeting with a view to gaining an overview of their long-term plans.

- Waterways Ireland to be invited to attend a meeting with a view to gaining information on their plans for the utilisation of the Royal Canal.

- Committee to request a ‘dublinbike’ station for Phibsborough.

- Confirmation to be sought from Parking Enforcement that the 3-hour parking maximum applies to all tickets purchased from all machines. (Complaint in relation to Croke Park patrons).

- Information to be sought from the Planning Department on any compliance issues around a property owner who is building down two storeys beside a Victorian property, by excavating below ground.

- Title on the property in the linear park at Royal Canal Bank (beside Unknown Soldier) to be searched. (Old Cottage)

- Information to be requested from CIE on any plans for their sites within the LAP area.

- Next meeting will be held in September/October.

6) A.O.B:

• No other business.

Date of next meeting will be advised.
(Meeting will be held at 12.30pm in the Central Area Office)

Q53 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to report on how many dog littering fines were issued in Dublin Central in 2009 and so far this year, and how many were paid?


One fine was issued under Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Acts in the Central Area in 2009 which was paid. This year,to date no fines have been issued in the Central Area under Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Acts.

Q54 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to organise the erection of signs warning motorists of children playing in Blackhorse Grove


This matter will be investigated by a member of the area traffic team and a reply issued directly to the Councillor.

Q55 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to outline the procedure available to Councillors to request a review of a Bye Law?


Councillors can request a review of a Bye Law by referring their request to the particular department that administers the SPC that the Bye Law refers to.

The 6 Strategic Policy Committees (SPC) are:

Arts, Culture, Leisure & Youth Affairs

Environment & Engineering

Transportation & Traffic

Housing, Social & Community Affairs

Economic Development Planning & International Affairs

Financial Development & General

Q56 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to undertake an inspection of road signs on the East Wall Road and agree to have removed those which are now redundant?


This matter has been referred to the Area Traffic Officer for inspection and action as required.

Q57 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to provide a report of any funding provided by DCC for Smithfield Boxing Club over the past 3 years?


Smithfield Boxing Club have received €1000 each year from 2008 – 2010 from the Dublin City Sports Network, Sport for Young People, Small Grant Scheme.

Q58 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager if Dublin City Council have a record or estimation of how many former DCC Waste Management customers now use the private operators?


We are aware that just over 1,600 former DCC domestic waste management customers are currently using a private operator(s). It should be noted that accounts can also be closed for other reasons such as properties vacant, customers now deceased, households not producing waste etc.