Central Area Committee

Meeting 9th March 2010

Q.61 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this Committee of the new regulations for Jarveys (horse carraige owners), especially the insurance clause, come into operation?


Dublin City Council are about to commence the public consultation process for the making of bye laws for the control of horse drawn carriages. At the earliest, a report will be presented to the May SPC, with the draft bye laws going to the June City Council. The bye laws could then come into effect at a date decided by the Members – assuming that they do agree to make these bye laws. The making of bye laws is a Reserved Function for the elected Members of the City Council.


Q.62 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this Committee what funding from Dublin City Council and elsewhere is available for the construction of a children’s playground in Mount Bernard Park.


There is currently one piece of play equipment located in Mount Bernard Park. This is a result of the Cabra Area Office and local residents involvement and approval. The Parks and Landscape Services Division do not have any objection to additional equipment being installed in the park subject to the relevant funding and approval being available.

Q.63 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide the timeframe and methodology for the establishment of the new Navan Road Community Policing Forum


Subsequent to the agreement at the Central Area JPC meeting of February 8th that Dublin City Council establish and administer a community forum in the Navan Road/Pelletstown Area, the JPC Steering Group have determined that the following arrangements will apply:-

* The venue will rotate between a venue in Navan Road and a venue in Pelletstown.
* Meetings will be convened quarterly.
* Residents Associations and their affiliated attendees to be invited.
* The first meeting to be held on Monday, April 26th at 7pm, venue (in Navan Road area) to be confirmed.
* Agenda for the first meeting as follows:-

-Introduction to JPC process
-How the meetings will run
-Garda report
-Dublin City Council report
-Question and Answer session

Q.64 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager In relation to illegal dumping at Stoney Road and vicinity, Dublin 3, can the Manager detail what actions have been taken to tackle this? How regularly has illegally dumped material been removed? What steps have been taken to identify and prosecute those responsible? Have any fines been issued to those responsible?


In the last year the Litter Hotline has had 11 reports from the Stoney Road area about illegal dumping. Litter Wardens visited the area on each occasion and 4 litter fines have been issued as a result of evidence obtained. The dumping is being carried out by local residents.


Q.65 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager In the reply to my question (Q.46) to the Central Area Committee meeting of the 9th February regarding Dublin City Council’s swimming pool in Sean McDermott Street, a figure of €205,252 is listed for wages. Can the Manager provide a breakdown (without identifying staff members) of how this figure was reached?


The breakdown of the figure of €205,252 is as follows:-

G.O Basic Wages €131,358
G.O. Overtime € 14,800
G.O. Annual Leave € 9,614
G.O. Sick Pay € 4,048
G.O. Public Holiday Pay € 2,024
G.O. Employers PRSI € 18,924
G.O. Eating on site € 1,200
G.O. Travel Time € 16,000
Craft Basic Pay € 2,024
Craft Travel Time € 200
Costed wages € 5,060

Total €205,252

Q.66 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager In reply to my question (Q.31) to the December Central Area Committee meeting a figure of € 45,000 was supplied as the annual income for the Sean McDermott Street pool. This figure has been shown to be is inaccurate, and should have read £70,000.
Noting also that this figure was provided to other councillors; can the manager detail how such an inaccurate figure was released? Can the manager state when the inaccuracy was first noticed by DCC officials, and what steps were taken to notify councillors who had previously been in receipt of a significantly inaccurate statement?


The issuing of the original documents with the incorrect income figure for Sean McDermott Street Swimming Pool is regretted. When the presentation for the meeting on the 10th February was being prepared it was noticed that the income figure for Sean McDermott Swimming Pool was considerably less than the income figures for the other two swimming pools. On rechecking the figures it was realised that an incorrect figure for the income had been included in the report. The correct figure was then used for the presentation on the 10th February 2010.

The initial report prepared for the Arts, Culture, Leisure & Youth Affairs Strategic Policy Committee in October has been checked and the figure is incorrect in that report. That report was then used at all further meetings in relation to the three swimming pools.

The original report will be amended and brought to the attention of the Councillors at the Strategic Policy Committee meeting on the 10th March 2010.

Q.67 Councillor Cieran Perry

In relation to Castleforbes Road,could the Manager give this Committee an approximate cost for complete removal of the cobble setts and re-surfacing with tarmacadam?


The following is the position in relation to this matter.

Option 1 is to reinstate the trench using setts and integrating the trench with the existing road surface on either side as much as possible. The heritage status of the setts is retained but the riding quality will remain seriously unsatisfactory. The cost of implementing this option is of the order of €120,000.

Option 2 is to remove and store the setts for use elsewhere and to reconstruct a limited area of Castleforbes Road in proper quality road asphalt materials. This would give satisfactory riding quality for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians on the carriageway. This option would generate a negative reaction by interfering with the heritage status of the setts. The cost of his limited option confined to the length of the reinstatement (section of street from Sheriff Street up to LUAS lines) would be of the order of €250,000. Interested parties should make a submission before 12th March 2010 in relation to Appendix 12 of the Draft Development Plan 2011 – 2017 as it relates to stone setts to be retained, restored or introduced with particular reference to Castleforbes Road and its retention as a street requiring the retention of the said setts.

Option 3 is the reconstruction of the full extent of Castleforbes Road as per Option 2. This option would generate greater opposition and cost in the order of €750,000 but it would give a good standard carriageway over the full length of CastleforbesRoad.

The very limited finance available for this work means that it will have to be carried out piecemeal and this will do little to improve the overall appearance of the road, in the short term.

The costs quoted can only be considered on a broad approximation because they are prepared without any site investigation to locate services and survey ground conditions.


Q.68 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this Committee whether it is possible to seek planning retention from Dublin City Council for a modification to a building which was originally granted planning permission by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority under its Section 25 planning powers .


Both Dublin City Council and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority operate as planning authorities within the Docklands Masterplan and Planning Scheme areas. As the DDDA do not have specific powers to grant retention permission under their legislation, any applicant seeking retention permission would be required to apply to Dublin City Council for same.


Q.69 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide an update to my question (Q.48) to the February Central Area Committee meeting in relation to the proposed cycle path on West Road, East Wall as a decision was due last week.


The matter has been referred to Roads and Traffic Planning and a report will issue directly to the Councillor.


Q.70 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide examples and locations of successful swales similar to those proposed for Glendhu Park and Park Road?


Swales are a relatively recent feature in the Dublin Area. Attached is a photograph of a typical swale in the Sandyford Area which may be of assistance.

Q.71 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide an update on the figures and locations in Dublin Central for repairs to the treated water system resulting from the recent weather?


There were 468 jobs carried out by North City Maintenance crews since 1st January 2010. This includes 139 repairs on leaks located within our distribution network. The locations of the repairs will be forwarded to Councillor Perry directly.