Central Area Committee


Questions to City Manager        
        Meeting 12th March 2013



Q35      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to give an approximate cost of work per unit in relation to the pilot conversion of bed-sit units into one-bedroom units in Older Person complexes



The average cost of reconstructing bed-sit units into one bedroom units is €25,000. The carrying out of further conversions is dependent on capital funding being made available to the City Council by the Department of the Environment Community & Local Government.


Q36      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to provide a detailed update on the future plans for St. Bricin’s Park.  Having waited years for a proposed refurbishment by a voluntary housing association the residents are entitled to a prioritisation of their situation




Circle Housing Association brought forward plans to redevelop St. Bricin’s Park, Dublin 7, and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government approved the redevelopment in principle.  The Department agreed to provide a 30% capital injection subject to Circle Housing Association acquiring private finance for the balance of the cost of the redevelopment.  Circle Housing Association have reviewed the financial feasibility of undertaking the redevelopment and is of the view that due to current financial restraints the risks are too high to undertake this redevelopment.  An internal DCC meeting has been held and it has been decided to examine other options to refurbish the complex.  The residents of St. Bricin’s Park and local Councillors will be kept updated on progress with the refurbishment plans.

Q37      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to detail the number of households currently on the various Dublin City Council housing lists in the Dublin Central area




Dublin Central Area includes Area E (Ashtown, Santry, Whitehall, Finglas, Blackhorse Ave., Cabra, Glasnevin), Area H (Ballybough, East Wall, North Strand, Phibsborough, Sheriff St., Summerhill, Dorset St./Dominick St.) and Area P (North King St., Church St., O'Devaney Gardens, Ormond Quay).

The table below sets out the number of applicants included on the City Council’s Housing List in Area E, H and P.



List Category

Housing Area




Grand Total

Housing List




































Transfer List




























Q38      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to provide an update on the proposed transfer of responsibility of the Rent Supplement Scheme from the HSE to DCC?  At what stage is this process?  What are the implications of the transfer for DCC?  Will the transfer involve HSE staff being redeployed to DCC?




The Minister for Housing & Planning Jan O’Sullivan announcement of 27th March 2012 set out that the government gave their agreement in principle to proposals for the transfer of responsibility for providing financial assistance to persons on rent supplement from the Department of Social Protection to housing authorities.   Housing authorities will provide this service using a new Housing Assistance Payment.

The joint proposal by the Minister for Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan TD and the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton TD arose out of a commitment in the Programme for Government to review the operation of the rent supplement scheme and bring forward appropriate proposals to integrate rent supplement and social housing support systems.  This commitment in the Programme for Government followed concerns about the evolution of rent supplement into a long-term housing support; which is was never designed to be. It was also one of the key reforms announced in the Minister for Housing and Planning’s Housing Policy Statement in June 2011.

Implementation plans are now being advanced by a steering group chaired by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government with a detailed economic assessment of proposals to be brought to Government at the end of the year. It is not envisaged that HSE staff will be redeployed to the City Council. Pilot projects are likely to commence in the second half of 2013 working towards a planned roll-out date in 2014.


Q39      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).
Details supplied:  to provide comprehensive answers to the following questions in relation to finance provided for the Housing Regeneration projects?

  •  What is the total finance provided by the Department of the

 Environment per annum for Regeneration projects?
b)      How is this divided per Regeneration project?
c)      What amount has been provided for O'Devaney Gardens over the
         past 5 years?
d)      Will finance from this source be used to purchase houses for the
         remaining tenants in O'Devaney Gardens or how will the de-
         tenanting be financed?


The figures below show the funding received from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in respect of Regeneration funding (excluding funding for Ballymun regeneration):


Regeneration funding received





Purchase of houses for de-tenanting in regeneration projects





Flat upgrades  Dolphin House





Construction of new housing in St Michaels Estate (Thornton Heights)





VAT on Social Housing Units in Herberton (formerly Fatima)





Design, Planning and Legal Fees and Demolition costs in regeneration areas O’Devaney Gdns, Dominick St, St Teresa’s Gdns, St Michaels Estate and Croke Villas & Charlemont St










There was no funding received in 2008/9 specifically for regeneration other than in Ballymun.

In relation to O’Devaney Gardens in particular, funding in the amount of €2,005,000 for the acquisition of 12 houses to facilitate de-tenanting was received – nine of these were acquired in 2011 and three in 2012.  In addition an amount of €206,259 in relation to demolition costs at O’Devaney Gardens was received in 2012.
It is anticipated that funding will be available in 2013 to acquire additional units to continue the de-tenanting at O’Devaney Gardens.  The acquisition of a further three houses is currently being processed by the Law Department.  In addition a proportion of casual vacancies arising will be considered for allocation to tenants at O’Devaney Gardens.

Q40      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to confirm that Dublin City Council maintains a record of all clamped cars



Dublin City Council and its parking enforcement contractor maintain records of all clamped vehicles and all other enforcement actions (i.e. relocations/removals).


Q41      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  to provide an update on the progress of Reilly’s Bridge flyover or if unavailable can he request an update from the National Transport Authority




Iarnród Éireann have advised that subject to final funding and contract award approvals, the bridge works at Reilly’s Crossing  are planned to commence in May/June 2013.


Q42      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied:  In relation to Habitat for Humanity can the Manager provide answers to the following questions?

  • Details of the location of any social housing units transferred to Habitat

for Humanity?

b)     The estimated cost of the refurbishment of the units transferred?
c)      The current status of the units transferred?


a)         7 Units in total have been transferred to Habitat Ireland as follows:

  • 2 three- bedroom houses (85 & 87 Emmet Road, Dublin 8.), 2 one-bedroom basement apartments (85a & 87a Emmet Road, Dublin 8.)
  • 31 Croftwood Drive, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10.
  • 97 Shangan Green, Ballymun, Dublin 9.
  • 5 Williams Place Upper, Dorset Street Lower, Dublin 1. Paperwork on this transfer is currently being processed.


  • Estimated cost  is between €30 - 45,000 for one beds and €70 - 85,000 for the

three bed houses.

  • Fully occupied with homeowners sourced by Habitat Ireland from the DCC

Housing waiting list.


Q83      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager (details supplied).

Details supplied: to confirm whether there have been any applications or discussions in relation to licences for concerts to be held in the Phoenix Park



No application for a public event licence for concerts in the Phoenix Park has been received by Dublin City Council up to and including Friday morning, 8th March 2013.. It should however be noted that MCD placed an advertisement in the newspaper on Friday 8th March 2013 of their intention to lodge an application to hold 3 concerts on The Visitors Site in The Phoenix Park on dates from the 9th to the 14th of July 2013. They are obliged to lodge the licence application within two weeks of placing the advertisement in the paper if they propose to proceed with the licence application. I will update all Councillors in the Central and South Central Areas directly as soon as any licence application has been received and validated.


An Garda Siochana and MCD have had a series of meetings since last year’s concerts. They have agreed a Joint Operational and Protocol Document in consultation with Dublin City Council relating to Public Order and Security, surrounding large outdoor concerts. This document is now at a very advanced stage and is close to being agreed. The issues raised following the Phoenix Park Concerts including appropriate Risk Assessments, security deployment in the area and issues surrounding alcohol consumption are dealt with, within the protocol document. A detailed Joint Operations Plan covering all security matters surrounding concerts will be produced by An Garda Siochana and the Promoter a number of weeks prior to future concerts. This will then be lodged with the Dublin City Council with the final event management plan. The procedures contained therein will be implemented during the course of future concerts in The Phoenix Park in order to best minimise risk and any associated disruption surrounding such events.