Central Area Committee March

Question to City Manager
Meeting 8th March 2011


Q26      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to confirm that a new Part 8 is being prepared for a proposed Cycle Lane on West Road in East Wall?  Can he explain the reasoning behind this cycle lane, where the funding is coming from and why, give the local opposition, an alternative route has not been examined.


Plans were produced for the Premium Cycle Route in early to mid 2010. Consultation took place on the proposed Tolka Bridge and no Council Approval exists for this. No work on the preparation of any additional plans for that route have been undertaken since then.

The Smarter Travel Unit in the Department of Transport, in the interest of promoting cycling, were prepared to fund high quality cycling proposals. This funding was dependent on proposals reaching a “Premium” quality level of service for cycling. This is no longer possible along the Royal Canal.
A letter of 11th of November last from the Department of Transport in relation to the proposed cycle route has given clear indication that the Department no longer considers the S2S connection via Ossory Rd, West Road East Wall Road to Fairview Park viable and should not be proceeded with. And, the proposed construction of a bridge to span the Royal Canal and rail lines or the proposed bridge over the Tolka to Fairview Should not be proceeded with.

The route outlined has no funding provision from the Department of Transport and Dublin City Council has no funding to develop the route and therefore it can not be considered.

Q27      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to detail the Traffic Management Plan in relation to the roadworks on Blackhorse Avenue?  The traffic congestion resulting from this work is unacceptable.  Can the Manager propose a solution to this situation?



Dublin City Council apologises for any inconvenience caused due to the temporary traffic management arrangements to facilitate the essential roadworks on Blackhorse Avenue.

The Temporary Traffic Management Plan in place at Blackhorse Avenue, and immediate environs, was introduced on Monday morning 21st February.

The reason for the works duration advertised is that due to poor ground conditions on this road, significant excavation to a depth of over one-metre needs to be undertaken over the site extent.  As it is not possible to leave such excavation exposed adjacent to live traffic, this in turn dictates the manner, and duration, in which the works must be carried out.


Following introduction, this Office, the Traffic Authority, the Office of Public Works (OPW), and An Garda Siochana (AGS), met on site to discuss the impacts last week.  AGS made certain recommendations for a number of locations, all of which recommendations have been duly accommodated.

Secondly, the Traffic Authority has also been closely monitoring traffic in the area, particularly along the length of the Navan Road (from Phibsborough to Half Way House).  Signal timings along this route have been adjusted to implement the optimum temporary arrangement.

Another review meeting between the respective Stakeholders (listed above) will take place on Wednesday (02.03.2011), following the end of the mid-term break.  The matter will again be assessed and reviewed, with a view to identifying any improvements which can be practically accommodated.

We do appreciate that difficulties are currently being experienced, however, it is also felt that some time must be given to allow people’s adaptation to the plan.  Again, this matter is being closely monitored, and under continuing assessment.

Q28      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager: In a reply to my Q29 to the December Central Area Committee Meeting 2009, Dublin City Council Traffic Management and Control Section undertook to inform all Local Councillors of any proposals by the OPW to close gates or change traffic flow in the Phoenix Park.  Why did this not happen in relation to the current traffic flow changes at the Cabra Gate?




Significant road reconstruction and improvement works are underway on Blackhorse Avenue.  In order to minimise the duration of the construction and consequent disruption to traffic, Road Construction Division and Traffic Management and Control Section of the Roads and Traffic Department agreed to the contractor implementing a one way system on Blackhorse Avenue.  For the duration of the one way system the Office of Public Works and An Garda Siochana implemented a one way system at the Ashtown and Cabra gates into the Phoenix Park.  Details of the proposed traffic management plan were circulated to residents and advised on variable message signs in the vicinity of the site and information was also made available on


We acknowledge that we gave an earlier commitment to the Central Area Committee to alert the Central Area Office of any planned closures of gates in the Phoenix Park.  In this case no closures were proposed and the Central Area Office was not alerted.  In hindsight, we consider that the Central Area Office should have been alerted to the proposed restrictions.  An internal memo will be circulated to all relevant personnel advising them to alert the Central Area Office in future of any proposed closure or restriction to the operation of any of the gates in the Phoenix Park that is notified to the Roads and Traffic Department.

Due to the fact that the traffic management plan has resulted in significant delays to traffic, particularly public transport it is proposed to modify the arrangement.  From 12 noon on Thursday 3rd March 2011, vehicles will be permitted to enter and exit the Park at Ashtown Gate and from Monday 7th March 2011, a shuttle system will be put in place on Blackhorse Avenue allowing two way traffic to operate.


Q53      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to ensure the retention of Barry Kelly as a worker at the Recreation Centre, East Wall.  The relocation of Barry would result in a loss of continuity in the relationship between City Council staff and the community that Barry has consistently and successfully worked to achieve.



Dublin City Council are responsible for a number of Recreation Centres, throughout the city. The service provided, encourages community participation, in the development of activities in the centres, alongside the City Council staff.  Staff in the centres, throughout the Council, can be re located at any time. It is not Dublin City Council’s policy to comment on specific matters relating to individual staff members.