Central Area Committee

8th June, 2010

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee requests the Manager to report in relation to the following development on East Road, East Wall, - Island Quay, Planning Reference 2919/04:-

a) The front sections of Island Quay are unfinished, unattractive and prone to litter and graffiti. It is also accessible to determined trespassers.
b) What is the legal timescale for the developer to have completed this project?
c) What is the legal status of the developer responsible for this project i.e. have they gone into liquidation/receivership. If this is the case, who is now responsible for this development?
d) What steps can be taken to ensure the owners act immediately to complete works to a standard that is not to the detriment of East Road, and are not visually unattractive to other residents?


a)Dublin City Council will need to obtain a waiver form to allow our contractor to remove any graffiti. As the surface is cladded and will need specialist attention, it is the duty of the owner to remove it and protect the surface against further graffiti.

b) An Bord Pleanala granted planning permission on 3 March 2006 for a comprehensive mixed-use development comprising construction of 591 square metres retail/commercial ground floor with residential units overhead and including four residential courtyards, a semi-basement car park, childcare facilities, communal/tenant management/meeting rooms, relocation of the existing ESB-substation and an underground waste water treatment system for the entire development a 4/4a East Road, Dublin 3. The applicant was NABCO Ltd.

The developer has five years from the date of the grant of permission to complete this development – in this case, until 2 March 2011.

c)The Planning Department has not been advised of any trading difficulties by the developer. Nor has any advice of possible liquidation or receivership been received.

d)While development works are ongoing, it would be premature for the Council to enforce the completion of outstanding works as the permission does not expire until next March. The development will be inspected to ascertain the current position on site vis-à-vis completion of the development.

Any specific complaints of non-compliance with the planning permission will also be investigated and the appropriate enforcement action taken.

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee requests the Manager to report on what plans Dublin City Council have initiated with the GAA and Croke Park with regard to upcoming gigs in summer to alleviate the concerns of local residents.


The Westlife concert on the 5th June is the only event currently scheduled at Croke Park.

An Event Management Plan was submitted to the Planning Authority on March 4th, 2010, in compliance with condition 11(b) of planning permission 0238/92. A finalised Event Management Plan was received on May 31st and agreement was signed off on June 2nd.

The concert finish time is 23.00 hrs.

There is provision for dismantling of light structures – i.e. disabled platform and sound, light and video equipment up to 1am on the night of the concert. All other associated concert works cease at the latest at 22.00hrs.

Trucks are to leave Croke Park up to midnight only.

The Event Plan refers specifically to complaints from residents and outlines the following:-

Complaints from Residents.

Croke Park Management will be advised of all complaints. Where necessary, their advice and opinion will be sought.

The Garda Siochana will have the appropriate MCD contact numbers for any complaints arriving at their office.

The security personnel and the Garda Siochana will have a copy of the schedule for all activities.

MCD will undertake not to operate outside the agreed schedule.

For Site Build and Break (from Wed 26th May to Thurs 10th June

Security at all stadium entry points will be briefed on how to receive complaints from residents. When a complaint is received, the security supervisor will be contacted. The security supervisor will immediately contact the MCD Event Manager who will deal with all issues arising.

Out of work hours (between 22.00 hrs and 08.00 hrs)

For matters arising out of working hours (between 22.00 hrs and 08.00 hrs) the security supervisor will have a phone number for an MCD person to advise on the issue.

For complaints arising during the concert (Sat 5th June)

Security at all stadium entry points will be briefed on how to receive complaints from residents. All complaints received will be forwarded to Event Control and Event Control will manage the complaint. A log will be kept at the Croke Park security desk of all complaints for the duration of MCD’s activities on site (Fri 28th May to Thurs 10th June). As usual portaloos and an extensive waste management operation will be provided on the day.


Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee requests the Manager to report on the timescale for works to be carried out on the Ashington Park road in light of the agreement of Dublin City Council to allocate a budget of €174,400 to asphalt it as part of the Roads Maintenance Services Works Program this year.


Road Maintenance is in the process of tendering out the works for Ashington Park. We do not have a specific commencement date but hope to have the works completed by August 2010.

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee requests that the Manager reports on whether there is a separate budget for re-housing those residents being de-tenanted from complexes such as O’Devaney Gardens, Dominick Street etc. or is this financed out of the general 2010 Acquisition Programme which has been allocated €30 for buy backs. If there is no separate budget can the Manager report what finance has been allocated for the continuance of the de-tenanting programme and where will this be spent?


The capital allowance for the main construction/acquisition programme under Social Housing Investment Programme is €52.9 million for 2010 of which €30 million is being assigned for the acquisition of housing units. However, even though there isn’t a separate budget for the acquisition of units for detenanting projects, the focus in 2010 is in identifying and acquiring units for these projects including St. Michaels Estate, O’Devaney Gardens, Dominick Street, Ballymun etc. and Housing Development is actively engaging with Project Managers in identifying suitable housing for these purposes. However, at all times the Housing Development Section endeavours to achieve a fair balance of using acquisitions for the purpose of detenanting and the general waiting list.

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee requests the Manager to report on any legal impediment to Castleforbes Road being tarmacadamed under the current Dublin City Development Plan.


Castleforbes Road is one of the streets set out in Appendix 8 of the City Development Plan 2005-2011, as one of the areas where “stone setts are to be retained, restored or introduced”. The Plan, at para 10.3.1, states that the City Council recognises the importance of such streets and will seek to preserve, repair and retain in situ such historic paving. Policy H22 states that it is the policy of Dublin City Council to preserve, repair and retain historic paving features etc. Section 12 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, places a duty on Planning Authorities to take such steps as may be necessary to secure the objectives of the Development Plan.

In the circumstances, the tarmacadaming of the Castleforbes Road other than for necessary repairs is contrary to Development Plan Policy. A survey of the setted streets of Dublin is currently being undertaken, with a view to updating the Appendix in the next Development Plan – see page 392 of the Managers Report on the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2011 – 2017 (Vol 2), which was circulated on 17 May for consideration by Councillors.