Central Area Committee June


Questions to City Manager        
        Meeting 12th June 2012


            Item     5334

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

This Committee calls on the Manager to introduce opening hours in the Grangegorman Recycling Centre that accommodate working people.  The Centre currently opens at 9am and closes at 4pm Monday to Thursday and closes half day on Friday.  The Centre doesn’t open on a Saturday.



Due to financial constraints, the Bring Centre at Grangegorman has remained closed at weekends since February 2009. In addition, the opening hours of the remaining Bring Centres across the City were recently reviewed, for example the Bring Centres at  Collins Avenue Depot (Opposite main gate of DCU) ; Oscar Traynor Road, Windmill Road and Rathmines no longer open on Saturdays or Bank Holidays.

It is worth noting that the City Council operate two Recycling Centres which are located in Ringsend and North Strand which accept a wider range of recyclable material and householders benefit from more extensive opening hours particularly at the Ringsend facility which is open Mon – Fri from 9am to 8pm and on Saturdays/bank holidays during the summer months.


Q34      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide an update on the timescales and finance agreed for the refurbishment of Sean McDermott Street swimming pool



Following on from the report of the Swimming Pools Sub-Group to the January 2012 SPC meeting it was agreed that a target date for May 2012 would be put in place to have the tender process completed with a view to commencing works in the three swimming pools in June 2012.  A meeting of the Swimming Pools Sub-Group was to be held in May to confirm this process and agree to formally close the swimming pools for the duration of the work programme with a view to re-opening in September 2012.

However, the pre-tender process has taken considerably longer than anticipated and the pre-tender costings are considerably higher than budgeted for.  The additional costs relate to additional works which became apparent as the pre-tendering process became more detailed.  The pre-tender package is a long way from that envisaged when the budget was originally agreed with a view to keeping the three swimming pools open for three to five more years.  It will be necessary to meet the Swimming Pools Sub-Group as soon as the pre-tender package is finalised with a view to bringing it back within budget.

The immediate effect of this delay is that the three swimming pools will remain open through this summer and the works programme will have to be rescheduled when the tendering process is complete.


Q35      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide an update on the TAG request for a yellow box at the junction of Enniskerry Road and Phibsboro Road



Yellow boxes are intended to prevent blockages at junctions. Side Road traffic flows should be significant and the side road should serve a minimum of fifty houses or a major traffic generating facility.

Enniskerry Road is a cul de sac with less than fifty houses.

A yellow box is not recommended in this instance because traffic flows are not adequate to warrant one at this junction.


Q36      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide a full breakdown of all unoccupied housing units, including senior citizens units, under the remit of Dublin City Council in the Cabra area detailing the following: -

  • The address of each unit under repair
  • How long each unit under repair has been in Dublin City council possession
  • When they are likely to be ready for letting



Details on void dwellings  in the Cabra area will be sent directly to Cllr. Perry  within one week.  


Q37      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide details of the available budget for Buy Backs in the Dublin Central area




The funding available to Dublin City Council from the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government for the purpose of house purchases in 2012 is sufficient only to purchase houses where an existing commitment to purchase exists.

Five houses in the Central Area have been purchased to date in 2012 and the purchase of one additional house in the Central Area is expected to be completed shortly.  We do not anticipate that there will be any further house purchases in the Central Area this year.



Q38      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to ensure that the speed ramps on Forth Road, East Wall (opposite house number 21) are re-painted.  They currently have no road markings, which negates their traffic calming purposes as they are unnoticed by motorists until they hit them.



            The Traffic Officer has advised that the above markings will be re-painted on June 6th.



Q39      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to estimate the timescale for the repair of the potholes on St. Peters Road, Phibsboro



Road Maintenance has inspected St. Peter’s Road and will carry out temporary repairs to any potholes that are present. This work should be carried out in the next 6-8 weeks. The funding is currently not available to carry out a full reinstatement of the carriageway at this time.


Q40      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide an explanation for the fact that no fines were issued for dog fouling in the last year (Q.43 February 2012 CAC).  Is there any proposals planned to tackle this increasingly prevalent problem?




            The Litter Monitoring Group which comprises of reps from each Area Office, Waste Management staff and chaired by the Litter Prevention Officer have discussed the issue of dog fouling in the city.  The Group recognises the difficulty litter wardens have in issuing litter fines to a person in control of dog who fails clean up after their dog.  As Irish law does not oblige a person to carry I.D. and the fact that the Litter Wardens does not have powers of restraint, it is next to impossible to issue a litter fine. The Group have agreed to carry out an anti-dog fouling awareness campaign during the month of June.

The plan for the awareness campaign includes the following:

  • Each Area Office have forwarded  the location which is most affected by dog fouling in their area to the Litter Prevention Officer.
  • Litter Prevention Officer together with reps from Area Office will launch the campaign at that location. 
  • Poop-scoops will be handed out to dog walkers for one day.
  • Increased cleansing will take place at that location for a period of one week.
  • Increased patrols by Litter Warden at that location for one week.


Q41      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide further explanation to the answer I received in reply to Q.48 at last month’s Central Area Committee meeting in relation to mobile CCTV cameras.  I had previously understood that mobile CCTV cameras were available for the monitoring of illegal dumping.



The Central Area Office was using a company to fit mobile cameras to lampposts to monitor illegal dumping at known dumping blackspots.  The cameras were the property of the company and they were responsible for sifting through the footage and extracting the relevant details for use by litter wardens.  A lot of the footage was of no use as it showed a person that could not be identified, drop a bag and walk away.  The footage was quite useful where a vehicle was used to dump as it showed a registration plate allowing Dublin City Council to access the details of the owner.

Since deregulation of the energy sector the E.S.B. wrote to Dublin City Council instructing them that unmetered public lighting electricity supplies were not to be used for any purpose other than for public lighting.  This meant that cameras could no longer be powered off public lighting supplies.  This made the positioning of cameras and accessing an electricity supply almost impossible and more expensive than could be justified with the results we were receiving.


Q55      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to explain the reason for the current closure of the Bottle Bank on East Road, East Wall and can he give an estimated date for reopening?

Rehab Glassco, who service all our bottle/can banks sites in the City, recently contacted Dublin City Council to report a major health and safety incident which took place in Donegal when a member of their staff was servicing bottle banks close to overhead electrical cables.
During the servicing which took place in wet weather, an arc occurred between the electricity wires and the crane. This resulted in their service vehicle becoming ‘live’ as high voltage electricity passed through the body.

As a result of this incident Rehab Glassco have carried out a review of all bottle/can bank sites nationwide. In this review they found a number of Dublin City Council sites in breach of ESB Code of Practice. ESB Code of Practice states that truck mounted cranes, such as the ones operated by Rehab Glassco, should not be operated within a six metre exclusion zone of electrical cables.
Rehab Glassco have therefore informed us that they will no longer service a number of bottle bank sites across the City including the one sited on East Wall Road.

Dublin City Council are hopeful that most of the bottle banks identified including the one on East Wall Road can be positioned within the exclusion safe zone and its Waste Management Section are liaising closely with the Health &Safety Office to quickly resolve the matter.
In the meantime Waste Management has had to temporarily close all sites identified by Rehab Glassco and notices have been put in place to inform members of the public of their nearest alternative location. Waste Management staff are closely monitoring and servicing these sites, and will do so until this issue is resolved.