Central Area Committee June


Question to City Manager                                      
Meeting 14th June 2011


Q60      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to confirm that Dublin City Council do not intend to continue with the original proposal to locate a swale on Annamoe Park in Cabra




The Projects Division & Drainage Division, of the Environment & Engineering and Fire Brigade Department, Dublin City Council, are considering the feasibility of this scenario and others as a possible flood reduction measure to recorded residential building and property flooding adjacent to Leix Road and Cuala Road in Cabra.

This feasibility study is as a result of queries from Councillors and members of the public to try and reduce flooding in the area.  The result, as to whether this or other scenarios are feasible at all, will be known in mid-July.


Q61      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide details of the annual rent for Chester House.  Can he also provide details of the financial contract between Dublin City Council and Crosscare for the running of Chester House?




Dublin City Council entered into a one year lease agreement, with an option to renew for the property concerned from 1st November 2010. 

The lease rent is subject to confidentiality between the Landlord and Tenant as it is a commercially sensitive transaction.  However, Dublin City Council is satisfied that it is reasonable and represents value for money in this case.

Agreement was reached with Crosscare to provide the management and operation of the Cold Weather Initiative service 2010/2011.  The agreed budget for the service was €300,458.


Q62      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to explain the reason why Dublin City Council’s Waste Management Department decided to remove approximately 75 poop scoop bins across the city including the one in Shandon Gardens and Great Western Square.  Have any been reinstated since?



Despite Dublin City Council providing free poop-scoops, erecting anti-dog fouling signs and installing approximately 100 dog bins throughout the city, approximately 100 complaints were still received in Customer Services through the Litter Hotline in 2009 and 2010.

The programme for the distribution of free poop-scoops, erection of anti-dog fouling signs and the installation of dog bins has now been completed and it is not intended to resume such a programme as the dog bins that were in situ were abused and used as ordinary litter bins.  Accordingly all dog dirt litter bins have now been removed.  It is the view of Dublin City Council that there is absolutely no reason why dog owners cannot take personal responsibility for fouling by their pets by the use of bin bags or other such means.


Q63      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to clarify the situation in relation to Shandon Park.  What are the duties of the private Warden Service and do they open and lock the park?



Specific responsibilities of the Parks Warden Service include the following:

Ensuring the public’s safe and secure enjoyment of Parks, open spaces and amenity areas by preventing any activity which militates against such enjoyment – examples would be the undesirable congregation of youths engaged in alcohol consumption; use of illegal / narcotic substances; acting in an intimidatory manner; general nuisance activities which are considered undesirable behaviour in accordance with Parks Bye-Laws.

Ensuring as far as possible that facilities/amenities are not subject to vandalism, criminal damage or theft.

Prevention as far as possible of littering, dumping and the illegal disposal of waste I public parks or open spaces and recording of any such events witnessed.

Ensuring effective litter control and waste collection and removal, including the inspection of public parks and open spaces for litter during weekends and holidays, as instructed by the District Parks Officer for the area concerned. There is specific requirement that no overflowing bins be allowed and that any large litter / dumped items and / or hazardous materials (including broken glass) be collected and disposed of.  Disposal will be to Dublin City Council Parks and Landscape Services depots in each area, as determined by the relevant District Parks Officer.

Close liaison with the Gardai, existing Park Rangers and any other agencies who have responsibility and a role to play in ensuring public order in Parks and open spaces.

Liaising and integrating with services provided by other Dublin City Council Departments where this is deemed necessary to ensure public enjoyment of Parks, open spaces and amenity areas.

Supporting the important social, environmental and educational role of parks in local communities.

Mount Bernard Park is not locked.


Q64      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide an update on the discussions between Dublin City Council and the approved housing body in relation to the Dunmanus site on the church grounds in Cabra.




Cluid Housing Association submitted a proposal for the development of older persons housing at this site in April 2011.  This proposal was examined and Cluid Housing Association have been requested to prepare a design brief for the site.  Cluid Housing Association are currently procuring the appointment of architects to carry out this work.



Q65      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide a comparison of the opening hours for Grangegorman waste depot and the Collins Avenue waste depot




Opening hours for both depots are as follows:




Opening Hours


Mon – Fri

6am to 4.30pm
10pm to 6am


6am to 10am


6am to 10am
10pm to 6am

Collins Avenue

Mon – Fri

6am to 9.30pm

Sat & Sun

6am to 6.30pm


In addition to the above, Croke Park event cleanups are serviced from Grangegorman and there is therefore some activity at the depot when these occasional events are taking place.



Q66      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to confirm who is responsible for the CCTV camera on Fassaugh Avenue in Cabra.  Can he also confirm the reason for it not functioning and can he provide an estimated time for a return to service?




Dublin City Council agreed to pay for the supply of a camera on Fassaugh Ave through the Cabra Community Policing Forum as part of a combined effort with the Gardai to counter drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in the area. The camera is monitored at Cabra Garda Station. The operation of the camera is essentially the responsibility of the Gardai but as it is partly routed through Dublin City Council’s network  and we are currently working with the Gardai to investigate the technical issues involved with a view to getting them resolved as quickly as possible. It is hoped that this can be done in the very near future.



Q67      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to provide a report on the current condition of the protected structure at the corner of Mountjoy Street and Western Way, opposite the Black Church and how they intend to address the unacceptable state of the site




The Conservation and Planning Enforcement Sections carried out a site inspection at Mountjoy Street on the 01/06/2011.  There are a number of issues which are causing endangerment of the protected structure at 52 Mountjoy Street.  As a result a section152 Warning Letter, under the Planning and Development Act 2000, will issue to the owner of the property.

All works are to be carried in accordance with the 2004 Architectural Heritage Guidelines issued by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and subsequent advice series publications and to the satisfaction of Dublin City Council.

However, 52a is not on the Record of Protected Structures and the owner has been requested under the Derelict Sites Act, 1990 to secure the door, window opes and gate and to remove all rubbish etc.  He has given a written commitment that this work will be carried out before the end of June and the site will be kept under observation.


Q68      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager

  1. What has been the annual cost of cleaning up after events in Croke Park for the past 5 years?
  2. What has Croke Park contributed annually to the cost of this clean up?
  3. What is the cost to Croke Park per event?
  4. Who is responsible for the cost of positioning and collecting the safety barriers for events in Croke Park?




  1. Costs for the past 5 years are as follows :















  1. Croke Park contributed the above amounts. The service is cost neutral to the City      Council.
  1. The cost per event for 2011 is on a sliding scale based on attendances as follows:



Cost per event

0 – 10,000


10,000 – 30,000

€5,000 + VAT

30,000 – 60,000

€6,500 + VAT

60,000 – 82,000

€8,500 + VAT


Resources are deployed within these budgets and accordingly the full costs are      met by Croke Park.

  1. This a matter between Croke Park and the Gardai, The City Council has no function in the matter.


Q69      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to comment on the following correspondence received from a resident of Collins Square: -

DCC own a very beautiful and historic building to the east side of Ellis Court. It was been closed up for some time now. Unfortunately the building is being allowed to become unsightly and fall into dereliction. Surely, if a building and particularly one of the significance of this building is not being used, there is an onus on the owner to maintain the building and keep it well presented to the street. There are bushes growing out of the roof of this building which are damaging its fabric. The windows in the building are not filthy inside and outside. The street level windows are boarded up in an unsightly manner and the exterior of the building generally is filthy.

The law society acquired a land bank on the north side of the street some years ago which consists of sheds, a vacant lot and some closed up houses. They intended to develop the site but it is clear that this will not happen now during our economic downturn. I wonder if the DCC is able to work with them to ensure that the site facade of the site is well presented to the street. At present part of the site is fenced in a very unsightly manner as are the boarded up houses.

Kelly Plastics and the adjacent premises are both falling into dereliction and presenting filthy frontages to the street.


The City Council has no powers available to compel owners to present their buildings in any particular state unless the building is considered to be in breach of the Derelict Sites Act, 1990 or a listed building.  These properties have therefore been referred to the Derelict Sites Section and the Conservation Section, Development Department   to determine if any action needs to be taken. 

The Derelict Sites Section is in receipt of the letter incorporated in this question and has spoken to the writer to seek clarification.

An inspection has been carried out of the site on the north side of Benburb Street, directly east of Collins Square.  There is some graffiti at its entrance and the site itself is overgrown with weeds etc.  The Law Department has been requested to provide details of ownership and, when received, the owner will be notified of his/her obligations under the Derelict Sites Act.

38 Ellis Court was acquired by Dublin City Council in 2006 to facilitate a Homeless Services Project.  As such, the property is the  responsibility of the Homeless Services Section.  This query has been referred to the Homeless Services Section for their attention and a direct reply will issue to the Councillor as soon as it becomes available.

Our Litter Warden is currently ensuring that tenants from the property known as “The Little Room” are putting their correctly labelled bags out on the correct day for collection.  A litter fine will be issued to anyone found to be dumping at this location.