Central Area Committee July

Item 4866

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Area Committee supports the position of the East Wall Residents Association in relation to the proposed Premium Cycle Lane. The alternative route proposed by the Association should be considered, as it appears to be not only more feasible but also more cost effective. This alternative route is fully compatible with the over arching aim of the Premium Cycle Lane Project.


It is proposed to bring to the next meeting of the Area Committee a proposal that will form the basis of further engagement with members of the East Wall Residents with a view to resolving outstanding issues.

Question to City Manager Central Area Committee
Meeting 13th July 2010

Q39 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager if Dublin City Council have any plans to repair the growing number of damaged tarmacadam road ramps throughout the Central Area


The remit of the speed ramps was ceded over to Road Maintenance at the beginning of the year by the Traffic Division. A sum of money has been allocated for the maintenance of same in our works programme, which shall be tendered out to private contractors over the coming months, with a view to carrying out repairs.

Q40 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager outline what action Dublin City Council can take to ensure that the owners, Dublin Docklands Development Authority,undertake to properly clean up and maintain the former Readymix site, East Wall Road in reasonable condition? It is particularly important in light of the fact that the site is bordered on two sides by residential properties and there has been increasing reports of sightings of vermin at this location.


The Derelict Sites Section will inspect this site to determine the nature of any further action. A full report will be sent to the Councillor as soon as possible.

Q41 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager outline what is the current status of the previously suggested relocation of the North Strand fire station away from its current location.


It is proposed to relocate North Strand Fire Station to a site at Alfie Byrne Road owned by Dublin City Council.

This Project was to be funded mainly through the sale of the existing site at North Strand with remaining funding to be provided by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

Due to the current lack of demand for development sites and the drop in land values, it is not proposed to proceed with this project in the current year.

The issue will be re-examined in early 2011 when we will be preparing our Capital Works Programme for that year.


Q42 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager comment on the operating hours of Sean McDermott Street swimming pool during the summer season. There are no public swimming sessions on any mornings (except Sunday) and the pool is closed to both public and group use on Mondays, despite a request for bookings. As the staff are employed on a full time basis, what duties and at what locations will they be deployed at these times?


Dublin City Council’s swimming pools operate reduced public swimming hours before midday in the summer months to accommodate Summer Projects and other groups which may wish to avail of group swimming. The specified swimming pool is closed on Mondays following analysis of last summers use. Two groups have made inquiries about use on Monday mornings and have been offered alternative hours on other days. One of the groups availed of this offer and the other declined. There were two staff employed on a Monday in Sean McDermott St. swimming pool form September to June. One of these staff job shares and has changed his day off to Monday for the summer and the other staff member has been reassigned to cover public hours in Coolock on Mondays reducing the reliance on Summer Relief staff. The pools are open for public swimming this summer as follows:


Q43 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager comment on In the reply to Motion 28 which I submitted to last month’s Area Committee meeting, the Manager ruled out tarmacadaming of the Castleforbes Road as contrary to Appendix 8 of the City Development Plan 2005-2011. Appendix A also lists Guild Street, Britain Quay, Green Street East, Hanover Quay and Forbes Street, all of which have been tarmacadamed except the fenced off derelict site of Britain Quay.
Castleforbes Road is now in such a state of disrepair that it requires immediate remedial works and the residents have queried why Appendix 8 has only been applied to their road.


Appendix 8 of the Dublin City Development Plan lists ‘Stone Setts to be retained restored or introduced’. It is the policy of Dublin City Council to retain and restore stone setts where they are listed in the appendix. The policy does not apply to Castleforbes Road only. The removal of stone setts on Guild Street, Britain Quay, Green Street East, Hanover Quay and Forbes Street occurred prior to the recent publication of the Historic Street Surfaces in Dublin Conservation Study Guidance Manual Study (commissioned by DCC Heritage Office in 2008) in recognition of the need for conservation advice and expertise in this area within the city council. The removal of the stone setts is contrary to good conservation practice and would result in a permanent and irreversible loss of an increasingly vulnerable aspect of the city’s architectural heritage. The significance of stone setts, and for that matter granite paving, is set out in the aformentioned Guidance Manual.

The state of disrepair of Castleforbes Road is directly associated with the opening of trenches to install public utilities to serve the Castleforbes Square development and damage associated with demolitions and site clearances of a large site directly opposite this development. Such excavation works are licensed and conditioned by Dublin City Council. The localised disrepair would appear to be isolated to the temporary tarmac infill of the trenches which is of very poor quality. The Road otherwise appears to be in reasonable condition. These tarmac repairs should only be viewed as a holding measures until reinstatement is programmed. This is part of the license arrangement between utilities contractors and the local authority to ensure that the permanent reinstatement works are carried out appropriately.

The Historic Street Surfaces in Dublin Conservation Study and Guidance Manual has been designed to assist in the careful management and repair of this important aspect of the city’s built heritage. Other streets may have been resurfaced prior to the completion of the city council’s guidance manual on repair of historic natural stone street surfaces. The appropriate repair and maintenance of the setted carriageway at Castleforbes Road would greatly enhance the character of this industrial quarter of the city.

A survey to update the appendix of setted streets in Dublin is underway which will assess the integrity and contribution to the architectural heritage and condition of each street which will allow for more strategic management and repair of these streets. Castleforbes Road will be included in this exercise.

Q44 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this Committee if Dublin City Council provides any funding for the Cabra for Youth Project ?


Dublin City does provide direct funding for the Cabra for Youth Project. However the project is housed in Parkside Leisure Centre, John Paul Park and enjoys the considerable support of Dublin City Council Staff, Sports Development Officer, F.A.I. Development Officer and Community Staff.

Q45 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this Committee of the current status of No. 76 & No. 83 Connaught Street in relation to Dublin City Council’s Enforcement or Derelict Sites legislation?


76 Connaught Street : This house has been inspected recently. We are writing to the owner to express the Council’s concern regarding the house’s condition and to inform him of his obligations under the Derelict Sites Act. The matter will be kept under review.

83 Connaught Street : The owner has been informed that failure to clean up the front garden may result in entry on the Derelict Sites Register. The matter will be kept under review.

Q46 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this Committee of how many properties in the Cabra area have Dublin City Council acquired through buy backs, hand backs, transfers or other methods from the beginning of the year to the present time? Can the Manager give a breakdown of the individual properties and the date of allocation


Two Buy Back Houses were purchased by Housing Development Section since
Jan 2010. These are currently in the process of being made ready for letting by private contractors.

Three properties came back into stock through casual vacancies and they are with Housing Maintenance.

Nineteen vacancies arose in older persons accommodation due to death, long term care and transfer. Three of these vacancies are let, the remainder are void. Some are void pending maintenance repairs. A number of these units are ready for letting, but low demand in certain complexes can lead to dwellings remaining vacant for a longer period than is desirable.

Q47 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager detail the number of summer projects Dublin City Council are involved in, in the Dublin Central Area this year?


There is in excess of twenty Summer Projects running this Summer in the Central Area in addition to the intensive Summer Activities programme provided by the Recreation Staff in Dublin City Council Centres. It is expected that five thousand children will enjoy participating in the projects throughout the Central Area.

Q48 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform this Committee what powers Dublin City Council have in relation to neglected gardens in private houses .


Dublin City Council Litter Wardens can carry out a visual inspection of private gardens visible from a public place. Fines can be issued to the occupiers for illegal storage of domestic or industrial waste.

Dublin City Council does not have any enforcement powers in relation to overgrown gardens, only when hedges or trees encroach on to the public footpath.