Central Area Committee



Item 4469

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Area Committee requests Dublin City Council to organise a meeting between local councillors and the Department of Justice regarding an update on the Departments proposals for the Mountjoy Prison site and the proposed move to Thornton Hall.


This matter will be taken up with The Department of Justice if the Members agree to the terms to the terms of the motion.

Motion in the name of Councillor Ciaran Perry

That this Area Committee requests that Councillors are informed of all pre-planning meetings between Dublin City Council officials and planning applicants.


Pre-application meetings are held at the request of the landowner and are discussions to allow any property owner to discuss options for development of their property. These meetings are exploratory and are not legally binding. Minutes of pre-application meetings become part of the public file once a formal planning application has been made and it is at this stage that the Members can be informed of pre-application meetings having taken place.


Q44 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to provide a breakdown of the Development fees which are owed to Dublin City Council in Dublin Central including the developers and sites.


The information requested by the Councillor will take some time to compile. A reply will issue directly to Cllr. Perry as soon as the information is available.


Q45 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager when will Dublin City Council repair the badly damaged and dangerous road at Ashington Park.


The proposed repair works for Ashington Park have been cancelled due to budgetary constraints. Road Maintenance hope to include it in the 2010 Works Programme.


Q46 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager for a realistic date for tenants to begin occupying the new apartment complex on Quarry Road as the development has been completed for a number of months.


Modification works to the complex are currently ongoing and it is anticipated that they will be completed within two weeks. Helm Housing will be engaged to act in a Management capacity and contract negotiations are advanced. Interviews by Helm to appoint a resident caretaker will commence this week and it is anticipated that the 35 successful applicants to date can occupy the premises in August with the remaining 35 moving in shortly after.


Q47 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to detail how the requirements of Part V of the Planning And Development Act, 2000 were addressed in relation to the development at 55-58, East Road, Dublin 3.

Dublin City Council Planning reference 4113/04. An Bord Pleanala reference : PL29.209458


Planning application 4113/04 for a mixed use development at the above site was refused by Dublin City Council on 1st October 2004. On 11th March 2005, in its determination of the subsequent appeal lodged by the applicant, An Bord Pleanala granted permission for the development subject to conditions (ref. PL 29N.209458). Condition 8 required the developer to enter into an agreement with the Planning Authority under section 96 of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended).

Dublin City Council was later notified by letter from An Bord Pleanala dated 7th July 2005 that “having considered the matter, the Board accepts that it was in error in attaching condition number 8”. Enclosed with the letter was a copy of Board’s Direction dated 10th March 2005, “which noted that the Board considered that part V of the Planning & Development Act 2000 did not apply to this appeal”.

Part V compliance was not, therefore, needed in this instance.


Q48 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to provide a breakdown of all funding provided for Summer Activities/Projects in the Dublin Central Area this year and to provide a comparison with previous years.


There are 20 Summer Projects/Activities taking place in the N.E.I.C in 2009. The total cost of grants to these projects is €44,000. In 2008 there were 20 Summer Projects which received grants totalling €65,000.

There are 7 Summer Projects taking place in the N.W.I.C in 2009. The total cost is €17,007. In 2008 there were 4 Summer Projects which received grants totalling €11,400. One of the projects also received extra funding of €10,000 on top of the Summer Project grant through Community Gain.

Q49 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to provide a list of (details supplied) in the Dublin Central area and the reason they are unoccupied Dublin City Council dwellings.


Details in regard to empty City Council dwellings in the Central area will be forwarded directly to the Councillor.

Q50 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager if there has been any progress in identifying the owners of the derelict houses at(Numbers 19 & 21 Connaught Street. These houses have been on the Derelict Sites register for a number of months.


To date, the Referencing Section of the Law Department have only been successful in identifying the names of the owners and are endeavouring to establish their contact details which, thus far, is proving very difficult.

Q51 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager to outline the planned public consultation regarding the proposed flyover at Reilly’s Bridge/Ratoath Road .


The question concerns the proposed draft variation to the Dublin City Development Plan 2005-2011 that the Roads and Traffic Department requested in order to enable the realignment of Ratoath Road and construction of an overbridge over the Intercity Railway line and the Royal Canal to the east of Reilly’s Bridge level crossing to replace the existing manually operated level crossing. An update report on the proposed draft variation will be discussed at the next meeting of the Central Area Committee on the 14th July 2009.

The making of a variation is a statutory process under section 13 of the Planning and Development Act 2000. Part of the statutory process is to undertake public consultation by putting the proposed draft variation on public display for a minimum of 4 weeks and to invite written submissions from members of the public.

In the case of this proposed draft variation there would be two locations for the public display. The statutory public display would be in the foyer of Civic Offices and another non-statutory public display would be located in the area, which will be Cabra local library, for the convenience of local residents and businesses.

The public displays consist of a report on the reasons for the proposed variation and a zoning map showing the alignment of the road and overbridge. In addition, background reports, such as, the Environmental Report, Screening Report for the Strategic Environmental Assessment, will be available for inspection. There are no design drawings as the details of the design of the scheme are considered at the planning application stage or, in the case of a Local Authority, as part of the submissions required under Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations.

Members of City Council are alerted to the beginning of the public display, as notice of the newspaper advertisement is included in the weekly list of planning applications received and decisions on planning applications.

Once the public display is finished, a Manager’s Report is prepared. The Manager’s Report will list the persons or bodies who made submissions, summarise the issues raised and give a response to the issues raised. Not later than eight weeks after advertising the public display in the newspaper, the Manager’s Report must be submitted to the members of City Council for their consideration. Then, members of Dublin City Council, having considered the proposed variation and the report of the manager, may, by resolution, make the variation with or without modifications or they may refuse to make it.

After members of the Central Area Committee have considered the updated report on the draft variation at their meeting on the 14th July, it is intended to put the proposed draft variation on public display during the summer with the intention of submitting a Manager‘s Report to the meeting of the City Council in October.

Q52 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the City Manager for an update in relation to any works under taken in the Dublin Central area to alleviate the danger of flooding and to explain the cause of the flooding on Dingle Road in the early hours of July 2nd.


Following the August 2008 flooding incident, a considerable amount of CCTV camera survey work was carried out along with various improvements to the Drainage network. Full details of this work are contained in the report which was presented to the Central Area Committee meeting of the 10th March last.

Regarding the flooding incident of 2nd July, I can advise that emergency on-call staff from the Drainage Division attended at Dingle Road from around 5.45 AM onwards and dealt with road flooding by opening all available manholes and gullies to relieve the flood waters. It may be noted there were no reports of property flooding at this location on 2nd July.