Central Area Committee February

Question to City Manager
Meeting 8th February 2011

            Item     5025

Motion in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

That this Committee instructs Dublin City Council to inform Irish Rail that there is no requirement for the width of the bridge on West Road,  East Wall to be increased because the proposed Cycle Route along West Road has been abandoned.
( Motion was passed)


Question to City Manager                                 Central Area Committee
Meeting 8th February 2011


Q30      Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager ,with reference to Question 8 at last month’s Central Area Committee meeting, can the Manager confirm whether the owner of 171 Navan Road has responded to the latest Dublin City Council correspondence or whether formal action under the Derelict Sites Act has been initiated?



The owner has not replied to our letters.  Formal action under the Derelict Sites Act is being initiated and the Councillor will be kept informed.




Q31      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide a definitive reason for Dublin City Council’s insistence that the width of the bridge on West Road, East Wall, which Irish Rail proposes to re-locate, is increased by 3.5 metres.




The Roads and Traffic Department recommends at a minimum a 6.5m carriageway and 2 x 2.0 metre footpaths.  These widths are considered appropriate bearing in mind the presence of an industrial estate and the need for adequate provision for cyclists.  This is a minor reduction on the current proposed width of 10.6m and it is recommended that there be no change to this.  It should be remembered that this bridge will form a permanent intervention and any change in future would be extremely unlikely.

Q32      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide an update on the proposed Cycle Route along West Road, East Wall.  Can he confirm that finance for this work is no longer available?



As it is no longer possible to meet the level of service required by the Department of Transport for a premium Cycle Route funding is no longer available.


Q33      Councillor Cieran Perry
Can the Manager provide details of the penalties incurred by Greyhound for their poor service over the Christmas period

The severe weather conditions caused considerable difficulties with the bin collection service (black, brown & green) throughout the month of December, particularly in estates off the main routes and thoroughfares. There were two particular severe weather events during the month, Monday 29th November – Friday 10th December and again from Monday 20th December – Sunday 26th December.

In response to the first episode it was decided that the most practical and efficient method to assist affected customers was to allow additional material to be presented on the next scheduled collection day. This practice worked well during what was a brief respite from the adverse conditions during the week from Monday 12th to Friday 17th December with large volumes of additional material collected.

Unfortunately the second severe weather event occurred during the week from Monday 20th December and again all collections (black, brown & green) were severely affected.  In some instances this resulted in customers effectively missing two consecutive collections.

It was decided to provide these customers with replacement collections during the week December 28th – 31st December.  Due to the large volumes of material being presented and the number of collections to be carried out in addition to the normal schedules, there were still some collections that were not completed until the week commencing 3rd January (mainly green bags). There were many variables with the service depending on whether collections were scheduled in the morning or afternoon (green bin is a Dublin regional service) as conditions changed literally by the hour on a number of occasions.  In addition there was an increased volume of cars parked in estates and the footpath conditions also hampered efforts.
Overall the Council is generally satisfied with the level of service provided during what was an extremely difficult period. Payment to the contractor for the green bin service is mainly based on a payment per bin lift. Accordingly where the contractor does not lift a bin on a scheduled date, and lifts additional material with the next schedule collection, only 1 payment is made. The contractor thereby effectively incurs a penalty in these circumstances.


Q34      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide details of the finance provided by the Department of the Environment for the upgrade of the water system in Dublin and how far this project has progressed




The Department provided €48 million between 1998 and 2002 for the Dublin Region Water Conservation Project. Through the installation of telemetry control on the water network together with fixing leaks the Unaccounted for Water (UFW) in the region was reduced from 42.5% to 28% during that period.

It was recognised that to reduce UFW further watermains would need to be rehabilitated. The Dublin Region Watermain Rehabilitation Project (DRWRP) commenced in 2006 with DEHLG approval to engage Consultants to devise and implement a watermain rehabilitation strategy. This strategy targeted the available resources at the areas where the most water could be saved with the least expenditure. A framework of Contractors was set up and construction work commenced in 2007 in Dublin City. To date 60 km of watermains have been replaced in the city areas and within the administrative areas of South Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown with 9 million litres of water saved per day. Expenditure by DEHLG on DRWRP to date stands at € 34 million including both the cost of construction work to date and the full cost of the planning and design work for  a further 200km of watermain rehabilitation


Q35      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide details of the number of litter fines issued / illegal dumping cases investigated in the East Wall area.  Could the Manager also ensure that action is taken to tackle the persistent offenders on Merchant Road engaged in this activity?




Dublin City Council has one Litter Warden detailed to cover the North East Inner City Area including East Wall.   In the period between August 2010 and 1st January 2011, 35 fines were issued by the Litter Warden relating to illegal dumping in the East Wall area.

All reports are investigated as soon as possible and any evidence found is acted upon in order to tackle those involved in illegal dumping.  Where evidence is found to identify those dumping on Merchants Road it will be used to issue fines or take prosecutions as appropriate under the relevant sections of the Litter Prevention Act.



Q36      Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager when the decision was made to place double yellow lines on Moore Lane, O’Rahilly Parade and Henry Place and the reason why ?


No new parking restrictions have been recently recommended for these streets but the existing double yellow lines may have been renewed, consistent with good practice.