Central Area Committee


Central Area Committee Meeting 9th February 2010


Q40 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform me as to the status of the Compulsory Purchase Order to acquire a portion of Moore Lane to facilitate street widening (Dublin City Council Development Dept. CPO Map No. 11663).


Moore Lane O’ Rahilly Parade Area Compulsory Purchase [Road Widening] Order 1999 was confirmed on 09/11/1999 and became operative on 14/12/1999.
Notices to Treat and Notices of Entry have been served.


Q41 Councillor Cieran Perry

In relation to the proposed development the Carlton site can the Manager confirm the ownership of the Garda Station on O’Connell Street .


Dublin City Council is not the owner of (b).
According to the Property Registration Authority’s website this property is registered on Folio No. 3368 to The Commissioners of Public Works.


Q42 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform me whether the developer of the Carlton site
has attempted to acquire any property or land that is under the control of the City Council.


The City Council has not received any offer or request to dispose of its property/land to the developer other than the lands at 24/25 Moore Street.


Q43 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide the street cleaning rota for St. Jarlath Road, St. Attracta Road, St. Eithne Road and Fintan Road .Can the Manager outline what this rota entails? Residents report that a serious lack of cleaning has occurred in the last 6 months.


Waste Management Services have St Jarlath Road, St Attracta Road, St Eithne Road and Fintan Road scheduled to be cleaned every Tuesday after the refuse collection has taken place there by the driver of a small van. From Monday 8th February 2010 a handcart man will also clean these streets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Q44 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform me whether street cleaning services in Cabra
have been affected by budget cuts.


Despite the reduction in staffing levels and budgetary cuts, Waste Management Services are confident that our street cleaning targets for the Cabra area under the Litter Management Plan 2008-2011 are being met and will continue to do so in the future. This is achieved by an efficient deployment of our cleaning staff.


Q45 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform me whether staffing levels in the Cleansing Department in the Cabra area have been maintained to the levels of 2008.


The number of staff on street cleaning duties in the Cabra area has dropped from eighteen to twelve in the last two years. This is due to retirements and staff availing of the early retirement scheme. This allied to the fact that there has been no recruitment in recent years has led to this reduction in numbers.


Q46 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager provide a further breakdown of the budgeted expenditure in 2009 for Dublin City Council’s swimming pool in Sean McDermott Street as reported in the answer to my question 31 at the December Central Area Committee meeting?


The budgeted expenditure can be broken down further as follows:-

Relief attendants
General Expenses




Q47 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform me when the changes to the Bin Charge Waiver Scheme will be implemented and how people affected by this change have been informed.


The changes to the Waiver Scheme came into effect from 1st January 2010.

Waiver recipients will be required to pay for each Grey and Brown bin lift as only the annual Standing Charge will be waived.

A notification of the changes has issued with the December 2009 Bills. Existing Waiver recipients have been written to outlining the changes.

The first Bills for 2010 will issue in April in respect of the quarter ending 31st March 2010.

The changes are also posted on the City Council’s website www.dublincity.ie.


Q48 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager, in relation to the cycle path proposed for West Road, East Wall, can it be confirmed that no change will take place that will in any way restrict or remove the current on street parking used by residents. Can details be provided to show how a cycle path, two lanes of traffic and on street parking will be provided.


The street in question has been surveyed, however a detailed proposal is not yet available. It is anticipated that this will be available in the next 2-3 weeks. Details can be forwarded to the Councillor at that time.


Q49 Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager, in relation to Bayview Avenue, if it is proposed to introduce street signage in relation to traffic speed as previously requested by the residents.



A standard speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour exists in Dublin City except in certain special limit zones or on certain roads where a higher speed limit applies. Speed limit signs are provided only at the points of entry to the speed limit zone and at the points of change from one speed limit to another. Repeater signs are not provided along roads where there is no change in the speed limit as this would lead to a proliferation of signs throughout the city.

As Bayview Avenue is not located at a point where the speed limit changes it is not proposed to provide speed limit signage.


Q50 Councillor Cieran Perry

Can the Manager inform me of : the budget for the purchase of houses or apartments in the Cabra area. Can he provide a breakdown of the categories of housing such as “Buy Backs”, De-tenanting etc.


The provisional Capital Allocation for Dublin City Council for the Main Construction/Acquisition Programme Housing Investment Programme is €52.9 million for 2010. This was notified by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to the Council on the 27th January 2010. A decision has yet to be made as to how this €52.9 million will be allocated between the various schemes.

In 2009, the Capital Allocation for the Main Construction / Acquisition Programme was €110 million. €20 million of which was rignfenced for the transfer of households to new accommodation on foot of regeneration. This €20 million was spent on acquisitions of ‘buy backs’ to facilitate the detenanting of Ballymun, St. Michaels Estate, O’Devaney Gardens and St. Teresa’s Estate.

A total of €26.8 million was spent under the ‘Buy Back’ Programme in 2009 which included €20 million ringfenced for detenanting.

23 units were purchased in the Central Area of which 20 units were purchased for detenanting purposes. 7 units were purchased in Cabra of which 6 were used for detenanting purposes.