Central Area Committee April


Questions to City Manager        
        Meeting 10th April 2012


Q35        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to list any Dublin City Council premises in Dublin Central which opened on Saturday 31st March to facilitate payment of the Household Tax?  Can he also detail the cost of the individual premises if they remained open?


The Customer Services Centre, Civic Offices, Wood Quay opened on Saturday 31st March from 9.00am to 5.00pm to facilitate payments of the Household charge.

The costs of opening this premises for last Saturday was approx €1,840.

Q36        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager can he provide an update on No. 37 McKee Park and Enforcement Notice Ref. E0291/09?  What is the timescale for demolition?


Enforcement proceedings in the District Court have been adjourned pending completion of separate but related proceedings in the High Court.

Q37        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager can he provide a detailed report of the progress of the Community Flood Resilience pilot scheme in East Wall including membership of the scheme.


It is intended that a full report on this matter will be given by the Environment & Engineering Department when they return to the Central Area Committee with an update on flooding issues following their attendance at last months Area Committee meeting.

Q38        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to organise for the repair of the footpath outside No. 24 McKee Park.



Roads Maintenance has inspected this location and will add this item to our Northside Depot Works List.  A repair will be carried out at this location within the next 10 – 14 weeks.

Q39        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to ensure that the Roads and Traffic Department facilitate a meeting with the newly formed Cabra Road Safety Initiative to discuss road safety in the Cabra area particularly in relation to the recent of Conor Hickey.


The Traffic Engineer will meet the Cabra Road Safety Initiative. This meeting should be arranged via the Area Office.

Q40        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to reply to my question to the January CAC Meeting.  Are Iarnrod Eireann obliged to inform Dublin City Council when carrying out engineering works in a particular area?  Was Dublin City Council informed prior to the engineering works beginning on the old CIE site at Carnlough Road at the end of November 2011?


There is no obligation on CIE to inform Dublin City Council when carrying out engineering works in a particular area unless the works are the commencement of works pursuant to a planning permission.  The Area Office has no record of having been informed of the works carried out at Carnlough Road in November 2011. 

In general terms it is the view of Dublin City Council that in the interest of good neighbourliness, local residents should be advised by utilities and major organisations by leaflet that works are being carried out that may impact on them for a finite period.
Q41        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager to establish who is responsible for the overgrown plants from the premises at the junction of Sheriff Street / Abercorn Road, and ensure that they are removed.  They have become completely obtrusive and are forcing pedestrians onto the road to pass them by.




A request has been sent to the Property Maintenance Section of Irish Rail asking them to cut back the ivy on the building on the corner as it is understood they own the site.

Q42        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager in relation to the derelict sites at 19 & 21 Connaught Street, can the Manager answer the following questions:-

a)            Have the outstanding fines of €10,500 per property been paid.
b)            When is the next set of fines due
c)            Has the owner to comply with any stipulations before the next court date on the 24th April
d)            What section of the Derelict Sites legislation is being used in this case.


19 and 21 Connaught Street were entered on the Derelict Sites Register in March 2009.  As provided by the law the levies of €10,500 in each case were demanded in January 2010, January 2011 and January 2012.  These have not been paid to date and debt collection proceedings in respect of the 2010 and 2011 levies have been instituted by the Law Agent.  The final demand for the 2012 levies will be issued shortly.  Meanwhile both properties remain on the Derelict Sites Register.

In February, 2011 a Notice under Section 11 of the Derelict Sites Act 1990 was served on both properties requiring specified improvement works.  District Court proceedings for non-compliance with the notices were first listed in July 2011.  They were adjourned until October 2011 and again in January 2012, despite opposition by the Council in each occasion.
Some works have been carried out in the interim, but the most recent inspection confirmed that the notices have not been complied with in full.  If there is no change in circumstances by the next listing on April 24 the Council will once again indicate the seriousness of these cases and press the Court for a full hearing.


Q43        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager  in relation to Connaught Street, can the Manager confirm that the road will be reinstated to its original condition after any works are carried out by contractors?  Can he also provide timescales for the replacement or repair of the ramps on the road?


Road Maintenance inspected Connaught Street and at the time of inspection there was no presence of any Contractors or obvious signs of any recent works visible.

Road Maintenance has selected the speed cushions outside Nos. 9, 13, 57, 33 & 7 for repair.  This will be carried out in our 2012 Ramps Contract which is due to commence within the next 4 – 6 weeks
Q44        Councillor Cieran Perry

To ask the Manager can he clarify the situation regarding the number of bins in Fairview Park, have bins been removed recently and if so, when will they be replaced?


Parks & Landscape Services Division currently has 9 no. litter bins located at the above mentioned location.  No litter bins have been removed recently from this park.  There will be some additional bins provided in that area of the park which is currently undergoing improvements.  It should be noted that there is some level of abuse of litter bins at this location and a volume of waste placed which is not associated with normal park use.